Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NEW MOON is out this week ..

Sorry for being MIA again ... spent the last couple of weeks packing up and moving house. I am 3/4 unpacked and getting back to some sort of normality - thank goodness.
I hope to have some new clusters and templates posted this week ... some of the templates I am unsure of but you never know ... you guys will make them rock as always.
On a side note ... NEW MOON is out in the theatres on Thursday night ... would love to go then but can't find anyone that wants to come with me to the midnight showing, so I am going on Monday night with my sisters etc ... cannot wait. I am totally addicted! You might even see some TWILIGHT inspired clusters appearing here ...
Have a great day everyone ... and once again, thanks for your support!

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SharonKay said...

Glad you got moved ok. Always such a hassle. I am excited about New Moon, too. Can't wait for Twilight related clusters. Thanks bunches.