Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot In the City Tutorial (PTU)

This tutorial was written by me on May 23rd 2012
Any resemblance to any other tutorial on the internet is purely coincidental.
Please do not rip apart my tut and claim it as your own work.
A basic understanding of PSP 9, it's tools and effects is required.

My tube of choice is ADRIANA by Alexander McMillan which you buy here at Scraps and The City
I am using the kit by Tasha's Playground called Party In the City which is part of the Collab Kit at Scraps and The City which you can buy here
Mask (of choice) if desired
Fonts : WhoopAss
Effects : Eye Candy Gradient Glow


Open a 650 x 650 transparent canvas.
If using a mask - now is the time to do so - fill this layer with color of choice, and apply mask.
Copy and paste your tube - resize to size desired.
Open your kit 
Frame 2 - Copy and Paste. Resize by 77%, and move down below the tube. Colorize your frame so it matches a color from the tube. Click inside the frame and modify/expand by 5 - new layer, fill with color of choice. Apply any desired effects to the color layer.
Copy and paste close up of tube - move it so the eyes are showing through. Selctions Invert, and delete - you should have now cropped your tube. Change Blend mode to Luminance Legacy and drop Opacity to 66. Back to the frame layer - add a gradient glow (fat/white/3) and then again - changing to medium, color of choice.
CityScape - Copy and Paste. Move this down so it sits in front of the frame. Change the color of the cityscape to a color that suits your tube and then apply Eye Candy HSB Noise - adjust width and length settings to approx 100 ... leave the rest of the settings as they are.
Sparkle 2 - copy and paste - position to your liking.
Drink - copy and paste. Resize by 44% and colorize and place as desired.
Flower 2 - copy and paste - resize by 77%, colorize and move to the right, below the frame layers.
Duplicate, flip and then move down so both flowers sit close to each other. Merge layer down.
Duplicate this layer - Mirror and flip. Have some of the petals showing out from behind your tube.
Add any other elements that you like and place around your tag. 

Using your font WHOOPASS type out HOT IN THE CITY - size 48
Add your copyright information, and your name and save as a PNG File

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