Thursday, August 16, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on August 16th 2012
This is purely my own idea and any resemblance to others on the net
is purely coincidental.
Do not claim as your own work - please link if using this tutorial in Forum Challenges.

Tube is by KiwifireStorm called Jayded Bombshell which you can buy at the PSP Project here
Template is by Melissa which you can get here
Kit of choice - I used Glammy Girl by Nicky from Inzpired Creationz which you can buy at SATC
(please note - there are many FTU kits out there you could use as well)
Filters - Eye Candy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow; Xero Fritillary

Open up your template - duplicate and close the original
Delete raster 2 (copyright layer)
Open your tube - copy and paste as a new layer, placing it above Layer 8 (small squares). Move the tube until you have it placed how you like over the squares. Move back to Layer 8, using your Magic Wand, click outside the small squares and you will have the marching ants showing. Move back to your tube layer and hit delete. You will now have your tube cropped perfectly into the squares.

Repeat the same procedure for Layer 7
(You can also fill Layer 7 and 8 with a color from your tube and apply HSB Noise)

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer - make sure this is now your top layer.
Resize by 77% - add a drop shadow.

Now move down to layer 9 - choose a color from your tube and fill the circle with this color.
Apply Texture Effect/Weave - play around with the settings to get one you like.
Now add a Fat White Gradient Glow, and then add a Black Medium Gradient Glow - Glow Width 3
Repeat above steps for Raster 10

Move to Layer 11 - floodfill with a color from your tube - add HSB Noise and a Black Medium Gradient Glow.
Repeat for Layers 12 and Copy of Layer 12

Move to Layer 5 - floodfill with Black, then add a White Fat Gradient Glow, then a Black Medium Gradient Glow. Add a drop shadow if desired.

Now move to Copy of Raster 5 - floodfill with Black, then apply Xero Fritillary with default settings but adjusting the Tesselation to 50, and Variation to 161.

Raster 6 - use your magic wand - click on the frame and then floodfill with black, and add a Fat Gradient Glow in White, and then a Black Medium Gradient Glow.
Repeat for Layer - alternating color with the Medium Gradient Glow.

Now this is where you add your own flair to the tag to make it unique. Be creative and try out the various elements in this kit or whatever kit you use.

Elements I used where :
Sparkles 1 and 2
Scattered Pearls
Heart 2
Doggy 1
Shoe Phone
Shoe 1

Add your Copyright Information and your name and save as a PNG - you are done!

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