Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zindy Hey Now Tutorial (PTU)

This Tutorial was written by me on September 4th 2012
and is entirely mow own creation.
Any resemblance to other tutorials out there on the net
is purely coincidental. My Tutorials are © protected.
Always provide a link back to the blog - do not copy/paste elsewhere
or claim as your own work.

Using the Breaking Lily tube and kit by Zindy which you can find here - at 1/2 price right now -
Font used is Carpenter Script
Filters - Eye Candy Gradient Glow and HSB Noise, DSB Flux Bright Noise

Open a 650 x 650 transparent image
Select Element Photo Frame - Copy/Paste as new layer, resize by 77%
Using the deform tool ... rotate the image slightly to the left.
Select your Preset Shape Tool - and the Elipse Shape
Using White - draw out your shape - using my tag as a guide
Apply DSB Flux Bright Noise, Darker - setting at 34.
Add a Medium Gradient Glow in a color from your tube, Glow Width setting of 8.68
Add a drop shadow.

Using your Preset Shape Tool, Elipse Shape, and changing your color to one from your tube,
draw out a smaller shape.
Apply HSB Noise, width and height adjusted to approx 100, balance of settings left at default
Now - take your close up tube - copy/paste as new layer on the shape.
Trim, so your tube sits nicely inside the shape (we all know how to do this by now, don't we?)
Merge Layer down, and apply the same Gradient Glow effect we did earlier, change the color to black.

Now time to add some elements from the kit
Element Calla Lilly - copy/paste as new layer - resize by 44% - move to the left
Element Bow 1 - copy/paste as new layer - resize by 33% - move to the left
Element Glitter 2 - copy/paste as new layer - drag this layer down so it becomes the bottom layer.

Now Copy/Paste your tube as a new layer - resize by 77% and add a drop shadow.
Move this to the left slightly, so you can still see the flowers from the side of the tube.
Element Cloud - copy/paste as new layer - resize by 77%
Element Ruffled Ribbon - copy/paste as new layer - resize by 44%. Move this down to the bottom of the tag.
Element Flutter 1 - copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22% - move to the left. Duplicate, Mirror and move this layer to the right and down to the bottom of the tag.

Add all Copyright Information ... and your name - save as a PNG and you are done ♥

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