Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Ups and Downs of PSP

Everyone knows how much I love PSP - making tags and templates and sharing with everyone.
I've been quiet the last couple of weeks as I have been working long long days - I've missed tagging and have missed my forum even more.

Today I received an email from 4shared instructing me to remove some templates as someone claims that I have infringed on their Copyright.

Let me tell you - they are wrong, and I won't be removing them.

All templates on here are MY OWN IDEAS - with no outside help from anyone except on the Collab Temps that you will find here also.

So for any template links at 4 shared that aren't working - just shoot me a message at or message me here on FB and I will send them to you.


I was a member in a group on Yahoo that shared tubes - and on more than one occasion I found PTU tubes being shared. I sent a message through saying that they should not be doing it and all I got from the Admin of the group was a lecture.

To cut a long story short - I have an avalanche of emails that came through not long after that sharing everything from Keith Garvey to Suzanne Woolcott. Once again I commented that they shouldn't be doing it, it's illegal and guess what? Yep, I copped more abuse and was deleted - for some reason, I still continued to receive emails with more and more PTU artists - so I took a stand and yes, I reported these people to the respective companies. I still have more to do - so it's not over.

The one person who sent through an email going off calling me a rat and telling me to F*** O** because she was reported - darling YOU did the wrong thing, not me! And to ask the Admin to contact you about it all ... what do you think you are going to achieve.

Stick the knives in all you like - I will continue to pull them out.
My pc is clean - every Tube on my computer is paid for or gifted to me.
I do the right thing - now maybe the other jerks need to sit back and take a lesson ♥

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