Thursday, January 31, 2013


This tutorial was written by me on January 30th 2013 and is entirely my own idea.
Any resemblance to other tutorials on the net is purely coincidental
All my Tutorials are © protected
Please provide a link back to the blog - do not copy/paste elsewhere
or claim as your own work

Tube is by Amy Matthews which you can get at CDO
Scrap Kit is by Irish Bitch Designz - available at Scrap Candy HERE
Font used is Life Savers

Open a 650 x 650 transparent image

Using your Shape Tool - Square, draw out a square and place it in the centre of your image
(color does not matter)

Now open up your Princess Grunge kit, and choose Paper # 9
Copy and paste this over your Square
Using your Magic Wand, and making sure you are on the Square Layer, click anywhere
outside the Square. You will now have marching ants around the edge of the square and the canvas
Move to the paper layer and then hit delete
Your paper now sits snuggly over your square shape, which you can delete if you like

On your bottom layer of your image, floodfill with color of choice and apply a mask
I used WSL Mask # 81 - and then HSB Noise to my mask layer

Using your Rectangle Shape Tool - and using a color from your paper - draw out 2 long vertical 
rectangles. Look at my tag for reference
Open up your tube ... if you have a close up - this works best and gives variance to the tag
Poition your tube over one of the rectangles, and trim the tube by deleting the same way we
did the paper over the square.
Do this for both rectangles.
Alter the blend mode on the tube layers to SCREEN and lower opacity to 64 - 70
Add Gradient Glow to the rectangle shapes ... FAT white first and then MEDIUM in your choice of color.
Play around with the settings to find the one you like the best.

Now choose another color either from the paper or your tube, and draw out a small circle
Move this layer down to the left and place this behind your square shape. Continue to use my tag as a guide.
Duplicate this circle - Flip and Mirror. Now you can add any effects you like, paste your tube into the circles - whatever you like. Use your imagination.
I added Texture Effects Weave to mine, then a Gradient Glow

Now copy/paste your tube - make sure this is now your top layer and placed in the middle
of your tag
Now let's add some elements
1 - Add the Curtain - resize by 55% and behind the tube, at the top of the rectangles
2 - Add Frame - do not resize, and move below your square, so the spikes are showing
3 - Add Shoe/Pearls - resize by 22% and move down to the left of your tube
4 - Add Star Charm - resize by 22%, mirror and move down to the right of your tube
5 - Add Flower - resize by 22%, and place where you like, duplicating as desired

Add other elements as you like - remember to always try and add your own style to every tag you make

Choose your font, size 24 and type out 'everyday princess' all in lower case.
Promote to layer and rotate by 90 degrees ... add a gradient glow. Place as shown
Duplicate, Flip and Mirror and place on the right hand side.

Add your name, and your copyright information.
Crop tag to size and save as PNG

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