Friday, October 10, 2008

:: Template 27 ::

I have so many more templates to get posted ... I really hope that you are enjoying them!
Download Template 27 from HERE
I love the comments that everyone has been leaving - keeps me inspired! Thanks xoxo


Ladye said...

These are beautiful templates, but I do have a question about the size. I am lazy so would like to know if they are tagger size or scrapper size. Please let me know and if they are scrapper size I WILL BE BACK!!!! I am totally addicted to templates and use them every day.

Denny said...

Hi Ladye ... these templates in most cases are probably what you would call taggers size .... I tend to make all the templates smaller ...but it's only a simple case of resizing them to whatever size you want to use them at.
Hugz, Denny