Monday, April 25, 2011

Template 191

First of all ... I want to apologise for the lack of posting here over the last month. Real life has a way of jumping in and stopping all the fun we like to have ... and it certainly did that for me. My hubby had to look for a new job, and I have had to go back to work ... and then there was updating the pc - took forever to transfer everything over and get the plugins working again. Some of them still aren't - no matter what I do, so making do with what I have for now.
I am hoping that I am going to be back in the swing of things from now on.
And on that note - I also hope that you have had a wonderful Easter. It's Anzac Day here - a time to remember and pay respect to all those that fought for our country so that we can live in peace and freedom. Lest we forget ...
And now - onto my first template in what seems ages ... preview below.
I have used another awesome tube by Keith Garvey - even with all the new artists that are emerging every day - I always find myself turning back to Keith and Elias ... they ROCK!
The small amount of elements I used came from a freebie kit from ArtMama

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Maria said...

Awesome template and tag.