Friday, June 3, 2011

WOOHOO - My blog got an award!!

WOOHOO - what a nice way to start my Friday morning!
I am blown away ladies ... and totally want to thank Les @ MIDNITEKISSTUTSNSTUFF and Sassy @ ASIMPLYSASSYCREATION for giving me this award. You ladies both rock ... and your blogs are amazing!
This award is to acknowledge blogs that rock. If you know a blog that rocks and want to give them this award, then send them a message saying... "Your Blog Rocks" Since I have accepted this award from MsGoddess2U, I must pass it on to 5 other people that I think their blogs rock (I added an extra blog since I got it twice). There are no rules to this award; only that you send it to 5 people that you think deserve this award. Make sure you leave them a message.
I have chosen these 5 blogs :
I recommend you drop by and check out these blogs if you haven't already done so ♥


Dee said...

Awe thanks Denny, I am honored:) BTW Loving your new Templates!! Hugz Dee

Denny said...