Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Rant ...

I have to say, that I am getting really really sick of all the drama queens causing trouble for people posting tags on Facebook ... or anywhere else for that matter ... and turning our tagging hobby into a nightmare.
Just this morning, it surfaced again with an image that really did not need to be reported at all, and it just goes to show that some people out there are constantly looking to make some people upset and destroy their tagging fun.
WHY? Are they jealous? Or do they just enjoy the drama? Whatever it is, it's no wonder that so many people are walking away and saying they will never make another tag again.
Most taggers these days do not use EAC (Extreme Adult Content) in their tags anymore - the most you may get is the odd boob or butt poking out here or there. And seriously, you see a lot worse on most of the television shows that are put on Free To Air, available to old and young alike.
My opinion is this - if you don't like what you see - DON'T LOOK!
If you are causing trouble out of jealousy - spend the time like the rest of us have, hour after hour, year after year learning different skills and become a great tagger.
I am sick of the nasty troublemakers in the PSP world - you have cost us so many headaches over the years, as well as the artists! It's no wonder there are so many artists that have become PTU or denied permission for us to use their work as a FTU artist.
STAY AWAY from everything PSP if all you are going to do is complain ... we all have enough going on in our real lives without our hobby becoming a complete nightmare too.
That said - I am opening Paint Shop and getting ready to make some tags - anyone wants to find something to pick on about anything posted here - bring it on!


Vaybs said...

here here !!!
I second that!!!

Denny said...

YAY - and I knew you would Vaybs.

Emma said...

Well said Denny xxx

Denny said...

Thanks Emma ♥

Les aka Midnite Kiss said...

I so totally agree Denny ~ its becoming an almost daily occurance now that someone upsets someone else. FGS why dont they just get a life and leave ppl the hell alone !

Denny said...

Agree Les - it's just ridiculous!

SiggyFreak said...

COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF! I RUN from DRAMA! Some peeps just need to learn to "mow their own grass" & stop worrying about other peeps yard! LOL



sharon said...

Well said Denny xx

emilydenise said...

You go Girrrrrl!