Thursday, January 19, 2012



This tutorial was written by me on January 20th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely conincidental.

Tube -- I am using the very beautiful art of Anna Marine. You can find her tubes at CReative Design Outlet

Kit - the kit is a new one called RHAPSODY IN BLUE by A Space Between. This is a PTU Kit and you can find it here

Fonts : Impact
Filters : Eye Candy Gradient Glow and HSB Noise, DSB Flux Bright Noise

Okay let's get busy!

Open a new transparent image 650 x 205

Open Paper 8 in the kit, copy and past as a new layer - resize by 88%

Element 28 - copy and paste as a new layer. Do not resize. Move to the left.

Element 49 - copy and past as a new layer. Resize by 55% and move to the left.

Element 11 - copy and paste as a new layer, do not resize. Move to the right .. positioning so the flower is in the top right hand corner.

Element 4 - copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 55%. Move to the right, dragging this below the flower layer. Apply Drop Shadow of choice.

Element 50 - copy and paste as new layer, resize by 66%, then resize by 77%.  Move to the left - slightly off centre.

Element 21 - copy and paste as new layer, resize by 22%, then position the bird so it is sitting on top of the lantern.

Now copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer - a close up works better. Place this in the middle of your tag, and then duplicate this layer, and move it down to just above the paper posted. Now move this tube over to the right so it is looking through the window frame. Lower opacity to 48% and change the Blend Mode to Luminance (Legacy).

Now Merge all layers ... Layers/Merge/Flatten

It's time to make our borders.

Selections, Select All, Float, then DeFloat.
Selections - Modify, Contract by 5, Selections Invert
Add a new layer, choose a color from the tag or your tube, and floodfill this section. Apply DSB Flux Bright Noise at 35 Intensity.

Now - Sections Invert, Modify, Contract by 3, Selections Invert, and floodfill this section with white or another color to suit. Now drag this layer below your first frame layer.
Apply HSB Noise with these settings

Now Layers, Merge Visible
Go to Image, Add Borders and choose a color to suit your tag, Symmetric checked, Border size 1.

*** If you want to add the wordart - it's simple.
Click on your text tool
Size 36
Color White
and type out it's in the eyes (all lower case) then add a drop shadow, and then a gradient glow. Lower the opacity to 52%.

Now add your Copyright Information, and your name and you are done.

To make an avatar from this Sigtag - quick and easy.

Duplicate your tag - then take your crop tool and crop the tag to your desired size 150 x 150, 205 x 145 ... whatever. Add your borders,your name or intial and Copyright Info and you are done.

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