Thursday, January 19, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on January 20th 2012, and is 
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is purely conincidental.

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 but should work in all versions


Tube of choice ... I am using the wonderful art of Zlata_M which you can purchase at Pics for Design

The kit I am using is a FTU kit by KittzKreations called Poisononour B***h which you can get here

Fonts Used : Fontmoochers & Verdana (copyright info)

Okay Lets get started

Open up a new transparent image 650 x 650

From the kit ... open element 0046, copy and paste as a new layer.Image, flip.

Open Paper P-6 in Paint Shop. In your materials palette, choose the paper(background).
Now choose your preset shape ... choose circle.
Draw out a circle and covert to raster layer. Move this circle shape
up and to the left, so it's placed like my tag. Now choose EYE CANDY GRADIENT GLOW, Fat, with a width
of 3.
Again, Gradient Glow, Medium, width 3 ... color of choice. Repeat.
Now duplicate your circle shape, then go to IMAGE - Mirror, and then IMAGE - flip.
You can play around with the placement of the shapes.

Open Paper P-1 ... and choose it in your materials palette (pattern).
Back to Preset shapes and choose rectangle. Draw out a rectangle shape, convert to raster layer and move down and to the left slightly. 
Add the same Gradient Glow that you applied
to the circle shape.

Using Rectangle preset shape again, and this time choosing a color from your tube/papers
draw out a long rectangle shape. Using EYE CANDY HSB Noise with settings below

Add Gradient Glow as before.

Open Element PB Web ... copy and paste as new layer, and move this layer to the bottom.

Open element PB Brad ... copy and paste as new layer ... move this to the top, and down to the right.
Do not resize.

Now open the following elements and add to your tag - 
Element PB Light Burst (place on top of long rectangle shape) resize to suit.
Element 0042 - resize by 55% - move to the top of the tag.
Element PB Swag Floral - resize by 85% and move down the tag.
Element 010 - resize by 66% and move to the left side of the tag.
Element PB-B3 - resize by 33% and move to the left, so it sits on top of element 010

Add any other elements you would like ... placing and resizing to your own taste.

Now add your tube ... position to the left. Add drop shadow as below

Now ... go to Layer 1 ... floodfill with a color from your tube/elements. Apply your mask, then 
go to effects, Texture Effects, Blinds with these settings.
Width - 3  Opacity - 45 Color - White

Add your Copyright information, add your name and save as a PNG file

That's it ... you are done :)

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