Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on March 6th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely coincidental.
Please do not rip this tutorial apart or claim it as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions as
well. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.


Wendy Gerber DARK ANGEL tube which you can get at the PSP Project here

Kit of Choice (Truly make this tag your own)

PLUGINS : Eye Candy Gradient Glow & HSB Noise

FONTS : Century Gothic/Sick Capital Vice

MASK : Mask 393 by Vix here

** Before we begin - this tutorial is all about the layout - once you are done making your tag, let your creativity take over and add elements from your kit of choice **


Copy and paste your tube as a new layer - resize by 85% and place in 
the cente of the canvas. We are doing this first, as a guide for your other layers.

Choose a color from your tube, and make this your background color - I 
used #651d23. Draw out a large circle, with your preset shape tool. 
Move this layer down below your tube. Now copy and paste the close up 
above the circle layer, positioning it showing what you want in the 
circle. Grab your Magic Wand, and on the Circle layer, click anywhere 
outside the circle, and you now have the marching ants showing. Move 
back to the close up layer and hit delete.Lower Opacity on the tube to 
60%. Add Texture/Blinds effects to your Circle - settings of your 
choice. Also Add a Gradient Glow to the circle - once again settings of 
your choice.

Change your background color to Black - Now using your Rectangle Preset 
Tool - draw out a large rectangle, convert to Raster Layer, and move 
this layer down below your circle layer. Now go to Effects/Texture 
Effects/Weave with these settings : 2,6,1, White, and tick Fill. Apply 
a Gradient Glow twice to the shape.

Change your background color to your previous choice (mine was #651d23) 
and draw out another rectangle shape - slightly longer and narrower 
than your black rectangle. Convert to raster layer. You can copy and 
paste your close up tube into this rectangle. (Use your magic wand in 
the way we used it earlier) Apply Eye Candy HSB Noise with default 
settings ... changing the Lump Width and Height to approx 100, Random 
Seed. Apply the same Gradient Glow effect.

Now working on your bottom layer - flood fill with color of choice and 
apply the mask (we all know how to do that don't we). 

Open up your kit of choice and add whatever elements you like - just 
don't over do it. A couple of bats, a moon or clouds - maybe a spider 
here or there. 

Using your font, add your Copyright Information, and then add your 
name. Save this as a PNG file and you are done.

I would love to see any tags you make from this tut.

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