Wednesday, March 21, 2012


FTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me on March 20th 2012 and is entirely my own work.
And resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.
Please do not rip apart or claim as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.

Spiky Fantasy tube by alDO DarK from Scraps and the City here
Scrap Kit of Choice - if desired
Mask 134 by Vix here
PLUGINS - Muras Meister Copies and Eye Candy Gradient Glow, HSB Noise and Glass
Template # 211 by Denz Designz here

Open up Template 211 by Denz Designz - duplicate and close original.
Delete the Denz Designz Info layer.

Open your tube - copy and paste as a new layer, placing it above the BLUE CIRCLES layer. Move it to the left circle. When you have it positioned where you like, duplicate the tube and move this over to the right circle.

Back on the Blue Circles layer - click anywhere outside the circles using your Magic Wand. Now with the marching ants showing, move to your 1st tube layer and hit delete. Repeat for your 2nd tube layer.

On your Blue Circles layer - use Eye Candy HSB Noise, default settings, changing Width and Length to 100, Random Seed. Add a Gradient Glow to the circles if desired.

PINK STAR LAYER - repeat all steps used for the Blue Circle Layer - change the color of the stars if desired.

GREY SHAPE LAYER - flood fill shape with a color from your tube.
Apply Texture Effect - Weave - Settings 2,6,1 Weave/Gap Fill - White, 
Fill Gaps Ticked.
Apply Gradient Glow - optional

BLACK SHAPE LAYER - Gradient Glow (FAT) Size 3 White - nothing else

BLACK OVAL LAYER - Using your text tool - Foreground White - Background Null and font of choice (Size 18) type out the words YOUNG WILD FREE. Convert to Raster Layer.
Now using Muras Meister Copies Tiling Angle - default settngs, changing only the Tile Gap to 2
Back to Black Oval shape - use Magic Wand, Click outside shape (marching ants again) and move back to your text layer and hit delete.

BLUE OVAL LAYER - apply HSB Noise Effect as before - Gradient Glow or Drop Shadow if desired.

BLUE SEMI CIRCLE - Apply HSB Noise as before.

CIRCLE OUTLINE - apply Eye Candy Glass - Default Settings - change color to White. Drop Shadow.

Add your tube - making this your top layer, positioning just off centre to the right. Add a drop shadow.

Now type out the same words as before - YOUNG WILD FREE - size 48 - and place at the bottom of your tube. Add a FAT Gradient Glow (White) and then a Medium Gradient Glow - color of choice.

Now is the time to be creative .
Apply a mask to the background layer.
Add elements from a kit of choice if desired.
Sparkles work really well - can give a cool effect.

Add your Copyright Information and your name - save as a PNG File

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