Tuesday, April 3, 2012

G.L.A.M.M.Y G.I.R.L. Tutorial + Cluster (PTU KIT)

This tutorial was written by me on April 2nd 2012
Any resemblance to any other tutorial on the net is purely coincidental
This tutorial was done in PSP 9

This tutorial is so easy :)

I used a tube by Kiwifire Storm called ASHLEY which is available at PSP Project
Click this link to get the tube

G.L.A.M.M.Y G.I.R.L Cluster by me - which you can get here

This cluster was created using a kit called GLAMMY GIRL by Inzpired Creations which you can buy at SCRAPS and THE CITY here 
60 Elements and 10 Papers - on sale now for $3.00

Mask of Choice
Font : Saginaw Bold
Plug Ins : Eye Candy HSB Noise and Muras Meister Copies


Open the GLAMMY GIRL CLUSTER - duplicate and close the original.
Delete the top layer (Denz Designz credit)

Using your Magic Wand tool - click inside the heart shapes, Selections/Modify/Expand by 7
You should now have the marching ants showing.
Add a new layer, and drag this below your Cluster frame
Floodfill with color of choice and add Eye Candy HSB Noise with default settings.
Adjust Width and Length to 90 - 100
Now go to Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with these settings
Width - 3
Opacity - 43
Color - White
Light from Top Left ticked

Type out the words G.L.A.M.M.Y G.I.R.L. in a font of choice.
Using Muras Meister Copies - Tiling Angle
Settings - Default only changing the Tile Gap to 2 or 3

Now add your tube and your Copyright Information
Add your name using Saginaw Bold Size 48.
Add a Gradient Glow or Drop Shadow if desired.

You are done! I told you it was easy.
Here is another example using the Cluster

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