Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet July Name Tag (PTU)

This tutorial was written by me on June 5th 2012
Any resemblance to other tags on the internet is purely coincidental.
Do not claim as your own work.
Feel free to add your own unique touches to make the tag your own.

The Kit I am using is called Sweet July by SkyScraps and you can by this kit at
Scraps and The City here

Muras Meisters Copies and Eye Candy Gradient Glow

Grease & Scriptina (Name)
Verdana (Copyright)

Open a 650 x 650 transparent image - this is larger than what we need, but you can crop later
Open your kit and use the following elements :
Element 60 - copy/paste as new layer. Do not resize. Add a drop shadow of choice
Element 20 - copy/paste as new layer - resize by 44%. Duplicate and mirror, flip and move down.
Element 50 - copy/paste - resize by 44%, Move to the right.
Element 58 - copy/paste and resize by 66% - move down and to the right of the tag
Element 59 - copy/paste and resize by 66% - move up and to the left of the tag
Element 53 - copy/paste and resize by 44%. Move up and to the left of the tag. Duplicate, Mirror and Flip - moving in place on the right hand side of the tag.
Element 22 - copy/paste and resize. Move to the left and rotate slightly to the left.
Element 13 - copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22%

Use Muras Meisters Copies - change the style to Line and the Number to 5
Leave all the other settings as they are.
Move your star line to the bottom of the tag.

Now using your text tool - and the Grease Font - add your name ... decide on the size/color
I added a Gradient Glow (Medium Size 4)
Now change your background color to White, and using the Scriptina Font, type your name again.
Add a Gradient Glow or drop shadow if desired.
Move this up slightly so it sits above your original name.

Merge all layers, and duplicate.
Adjust Blur (10) on your top layer. Change your Blend to Overlay and reduce Opacity to your taste.
Add your Copyright Information (yes, even if you only use a kit!)
Save as a PNG File and you are done.

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love this - fantastic Denny!!