Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zlata_M Sweet 4th July Tutorial (PTU)

This tutorial was written by me on June 4th 2012
These are my ideas and if there is any resemblance to tutorials on the web,
it is purely coincidental.
Do not claim as your own work.
This tutorial is intended as a guide - add your own little touches to make this tag unique to you.


I am using the beautiful tube by Zlata_M called SWEET SUMMER BREEZE which you can buy here at Scraps and The City

The kit I am using is by SkyScraps and is called Sweet July - this kit is available at
Scraps and The City here

Eye Candy Gradient Glow and HSB Noise

Verdana - Size 8 (Copyright)
Times New Roman (Name)

Open a 650 x 650 Transparent Image
You will crop and resize later
Open your kit and use the following elements :
Element 65 - copy/paste and resize by 66% Duplicate/flip/mirror, placing these so they sit how you like, as a background for the tag.
Element 40 - copy/paste and resize to preferred size
Element 64 - copy/paste and resize by 66%
Using your magic wand, click inside the frames and modify by 7. Add a new layer and floodfill with a color of choice. Select None.
Open your tube, copy and paste so this tube sits below your frame.
Delete the parts that are showing outside the frame (Use your magic wand, click outside the frame, then move to the tube layer and hit delete)
You can change the Blend mode of the tube to your liking - I used Luminance Legacy.
You can now add a Gradient Glow to your frame.
Element 53 - copy/paste - resize by 44%
Place this flower element in the bottom left corner of the frame, and also in the right middle of the frame.
Element 20 - copy/paste and resize by 44% placing the same as the flower elements, but moving slightly up and out so it is showing a little more.
Element 21 - copy/paste and resize to liking. Place in front of the flower at the bottom left hand corner of the frame - moving a little more to the left.
Element 37 - copy/paste and resize to 22%. Place this so it is sitting on the brim of the hat.
Element 44 - copy/paste and resize by 22%. Place on the frame towards the top on the left.
Element 16 - copy/paste and resize to preferred size. Mirror and move to the left and drag this layer down below the Frame Layer.
Element 68 - copy/paste and resize. Move to the left, and drag down below the frame layer moving to the left so it shows out the side of the frame.
Copy and paste your tube - I resized the tube by 66% and mirrored the tube before moving to the right.
Element 2 - copy/paste - do not resize. Make sure this sits down the bottom of the tag.
Element 17 - copy/paste and resize to your liking. Sit this on top of the banner.

Add your Copyright Information, and your name.
Save as a PNG File and you are done.

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