Friday, February 10, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on February 10th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely conincidental.
Please do not rip this tutorial apart or claim it as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions as 

well. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.
Use your own choice of Drop Shadow .. as I won't mention it unless it's 

relevant to the finished tag.


Tube of choice .. I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis .. and you 
can buy this tube at PTE

The kit is a PTU kit from Sam's Scarps called Military Mama which you 
can buy at the PSP Project

PlugIns : Eye Candy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow, Mura Meisters Copies

Fonts : Birth of a Hero

Let's Get Started :)

Open a new 650 x 650 image - you can always resize later
Open up your tube - copy and paste as new layer. (We are doing this now 
so we have the tube and can check the position of elements etc.) 

Copy and Paste Paper 12 as a new layer and resize by 77%. Adjust 
Sharpness. Using Mask of choice, go to Layers, New Mask Layer, from 
Image. Layers, Merge Group. Then add Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds.

Element Glitter Splat 1 - copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 44% 
and move to the left. Duplicate and mirror. Duplicate and flip and move 
to the centre bottom of the tag.

Choose a color from your tube, I used #6a743f and make this your 
background color. Using your Elipse Shape Tool draw out a circle, 
checking the size to match my tag.

Now change your background color to White and draw another circle - 
slightly bigger than the one you already have. Drag this layer down 
below the colored circle you already have.Add a Gradient Glow.

Now choose a close up of your tube, and copy and paste this as a new 
layer, placing the layer above the colored circle. Move this tube 
around until you have it sitting where you like.

Using your magic wand, click anywhere on the circle 1 layer, then move 
up to your tube layer and hit delete. Your tube will now be showing 
sitting in the circle. Change Opacity to 56 and Blend Mode to Overlay 
or whichever mode you like.

Element Hanging Hearts - Copy and paste as new layer, and resize by 55% 
and place on top of the colored circle. 

Element Postcard - Copy and Paste as new layer and resize by 44%.
Move to the right and using the Raster Deform tool, rotate slightly so 
it sits at an angle. You can add whatever wording you like to this or 
leave it blank.

Element Truck 1 - Copy and paste as new layer and resize by 77%, 
placing to the bottom of the circle shapes.

Element Basket - Copy and Paste as new layer and resize by 30%. Sit 
this in front of the truck's door.

Element Canteen - Copy and Paste as new layer and resize by 30%. Sit 
this next to the basket.

Element Dog Tags - Copy and Paste as new layer and resize by 30%. Move 
this down the tag and to the right of your tube. Adjust Sharpness.

Element Barbed Wire - copy and paste as new layer and resize by 44%. 
Make this layer sit above your tube layer.

Now - Free Choice - go through and add any other elements that you like 
... make this tag your own and play around - there are so many elements 
in this kit to choose from.

Using your font of Choice ... I used BIRTH OF A HERO, type out CALL OF 
DUTY in size 72. Add any effects you desire, and place at the bottom of 
the tag.

Add your copyright information - making sure you can read it clearly.
Add your name, and save as a PNG file.

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