Monday, February 20, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on February 20th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely conincidental.
Please do not rip this tutorial apart or claim it as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions as
well. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.


Victoria by Lilith Morana which you can buy at The PSP Project

Doodle flowers by Lori here

PLUGINS : PENTA Dot & Cross, EYE CANDY HSB Noise and Gradient Glow

FONT : Lima Bean

MASK of choice ( if desired)


Open a 650 x 650 transparent image

Copy and paste your tube, resizing by 55% - sharpen. Move to the right
of the tag.

Choose a color from your tube,(I used #f2dd94) and making it your
background color, draw out a small rectangle. Drag this layer down
beind your tube. Rename this layer REC 1

Choose another color from your tube (I used #9f9369) and making it your
background color, draw out a circle. Rename this layer CIRC 1. Make
sure this layer sits below your tube layer, and showing from behind her

Now choose another color from your tube (I used #7a644a) and draw out 3
small thin rectangles, they don't have to all be the same size. Convert
to raster layer. Rename this layer REC 2. Add Effects, Texture, Blinds
and a drop shadow/gradient glow.

Once more, choose a color from your tube (I used #a2a191) and draw out
another small circle. Move this layer down below the tube, and to the
left of the tag. Rename this layer CIRC 2

Choose one of the colors you have already used, and draw out a vertical
rectangle. Drag this layer down behind all the others, and to the left
so it is showing. Rename this layer REC 3

Now choose another color you have already used and draw one more
vertical rectangle, moving down below REC 3, but showing out from the
left. Rename this layer REC 4

Now - move back to REC 2 layer and apply HSB Noise with default
settings, changing Lump Width and Height to approx 100. Random seed
until you find the one you like. Then add Penta DOT & CROSS default
settings. Add a drop shadow or gradient glow

Move back to CIRC 1 layer, and copy/paste your tube again, resizing by
44% this time. Position the tube so it sits nicely in the circle. Using
your magic wand, and making sure you are on CIRC 1 layer, click
anywhere outside the circle - then move to the tube you just placed,
and hit delete, Then Selctions, None. Lower the opacity of this tube
layer to 50%. CIRC 1 layer can have a drop shadow/ gradient glow or
both added to it now.

Move to REC 1 layer and apply ZERO FRITILLARY with these settings -
5,30,57,179. Apply a Gradient Glow in your chosen color, width 3 ...
apply twice.

Move to CIRC 2 layer - go to EFFECTS, TEXTURE, WEAVE with these
settings - Gap 2, Width 6, Opacity 1, Colors White. Add a drop shadow
and/or gradient glow if desired.

Move to REC 4 and apply HSB Noise with settings used earlier. You now
add your Gradient Glow.

Font : Lima Bean Size 48 - Type out Big Hugs. Place on tag, add a
Gradient Glow of White - size 5. Add a drop shadow if desired.

Choose your doodle flower - copy and paste as new layer ... moving
around until you are happy with the placement. Colorize to match your

Now is the time to apply your mask/background if you want one.

Add your copyright information, and your name - and save as a PNG file.

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