Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Euphoic Danger (FTU)


This tutorial was written by me on February 7th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely conincidental.
Please do not rip this tutorial apart or claim it as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions as well. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.

Please note : explore your creativity when doing tuts - it's the only way to get your tag as an extension of you. If you like, add your own effects ... don't use all the elements I did ... tutorials are just a guideline.


I am using a gorgeous tube by Wendy Gerber called Euphoria which you can purchase at The PSP Project http://www.thepspproject.com/ You need a licence to use this tube.
(This tut works best with a tube that also has a close up)

Filters Used : Eye Candy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow
Zero Fritillary

Scrapkit used : Dream E-scape by Kirsty Scraps


Open up your template in PSP ... SHift + D to duplicate the template, and close out the original. Delete the Vector 1 layer

Go to Image, Canvas Size - and resize to 650 x 650
You can always resize your tag when finished. I like to work on this size.

Open up your tube - copy and paste as a new layer.

Copy and paste the close up of your tube on the grey ractangle layer. Position the tube so you can see the face clearly. Now using your magic wand, click inside the grey rectangle, go to Selections, Invert and hit delete. Selections, Select None.

Choose a color from your tube ... and floodfill the grey rectangle with the chosen color. Now add HSB Noise Effects ... with the default settings but changing the Lump Width to 99 and the Height to 122.

Now move down to the pink rectangle and floor fill this layer with Black. You can add a Gradient Glow (Fat) white and then a Medium Glow (Black) - both with a width of 3, if you like.

Move down to the left Grey Circle and add the following effect
ZERO FRITILLARY with these settings 
Granularity 5
Aggresion 30
Tesselation 70
Variation 197
Add the same Eye Candy Gradient Glow to this circle.

Now move to the Right Circle and repeat these steps.

Now - move to the right Grey Rectangle,flood fill with color of choice and copy and paste your close up tube once again. Make sure that the eyes are the focal point, when placing the tube. Back on the rectangle layer, use your magic wand to click inside the rectangle and go to Selections, Invert. Move back to your tube layer and hit delete.
Move to right Glitter Rectangle and add a gradient glow (Medium - Black - Width 3)

Move to the left Grey Rectangle, and flood fill with color of choice. Add effects if desired.
Move to left Glitter Rectangle and add a gradient glow (Medium - Black - Width 3)

On the right and left PINK dotted lines layers, change to a color to match your tube.

Now it's time to add any elements you would like. This is what I did
Element SCATTER ... copy and paste as new layer and drag to the bottom. Moved up to the right and then changed the color to suit my tube/tag by going to Adjust, Hue & Saturation, Colorize. Play around with the settings until you get it right for your tag. Then duplicate, image and mirror this layer and move down to the bottom left.

Element Glitter Stars - copy and paste, resize by 90%. Colorize.

Element Flower 4, Greenery 1, Leaves 2 and both Butterfly elements ... gives just the right amount of beauty to the tag.

Now you can add a mask layer if you like, make sure to make it the bottom layer of the tag.

Add your Copyright Information, making sure it can be read clearly.
Add your name and save in PNG Format.

You're done!


Les aka Midnite Kiss said...

Hi Denny, love this tut hun. Am grabbing the link for our next round of challenges if thats ok

Denny said...

Sure thing Les