Monday, February 20, 2012



This tutorial was written by me on February 20th 2012, and is
entirely my own work.
Any resemblance to other tutorials/designs on the net is
purely conincidental.
Please do not rip this tutorial apart or claim it as your own work.

This tutorial is done in PSP 9 but maybe done in other versions as well. A basic understanding of the program and it's tools is needed.


I am using a sexy tube by Kiwifire Storm (Brian Gibbs) called Sexy Fishnets, which you can buy from The PSP Project here

Sexy Silhoutte png's from Soxsational Scraps here

The kit used is called ROCK THE ATTITUDE by A Space Between, which you can buy here

Plug- Ins : Mura Meisters Copies, Eye Candy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow

Mask : Insatiable Dreams # 59 here

Fonts :

Let's get Tagging

Open a 650 x 650 transparent image

Choose a color that compliments your tube and make this your background color. I used #b91a85. Using your rectangle tool, draw out a oval. Check out my tag to get the size. Place in the centre of your canvas

Now using your text tool, Verdana Size 11 BLACK, type out the words STAND OUT.Apply Mura Meisters COPIES with the default settings, changing  Tile Gap to 2 and the mode to TILING.

Now move back to your oval shape, and using your magic wand, click anywhere outside the oval, and you should end up with the 'marching ants around your oval shape, and the edge of your canvas. Move back to your text layer, and hit delete. The wording will now be placed inside your oval shape. Sections, Select None.

Now you can apply any effect you like to your shape - HSB Noise, Fritillary - whatever - it's up to you. I added HSB Noise, and then a gradient glow around mine. Merge the text layer down.

Opne your Sexy Silhouettes - and copy and paste each one onto your canvas, resizing by 22% and placing in a line - you choose the order. Once you have them placed in the order you like, add a Fat White Gradient Glow around each one (width of 3) and then a drop shadow.Merge the silhouttes to one layer and rezize by 77%

Now to your kit
Open Element 65 (music notes) and copy and paste as a new layer. Move this down to the bottom of the tag, and to the left. Move this layer down below your silhouettes.

Open element 73 (guitar) copy and paste as new layer. Move to the right of the tag, add a gradient glow around the guitar.

Open element 10 (feather) and colorize to match your oval shape, and sit this to the right, below your guitar.

Open element 57, copy and paste as new layer, colorize and place it to the left of the tag.

Feel free to add any other elements you like from the kit - placing them on the tag - but remember, sometimes, it's best to keep it simple.

Open your tube. Copy and paste as a new layer, and resize by 66%. Sharpen. This is now your top layer. Apply a drop shadow if you like.

Move to your bottom layer, and floodfill with #b91a85, and apply your mask. I then added another layer, floodfilled with black and applied the same mask, then rotated it to the right. I then added Effects, Textures, Blinds to both mask layers.

Add your copyright information .. making sure that it can be ready clearly and your licence number is also on the tag.

Using your font of choice - add your name, and save as a PNG File

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