Tuesday, July 31, 2012

POISON IVY 1 Tutorial (FTU)

This tutorial was written by me on July 31st, and is my own idea/creation
Any resemblance to any other tutorial on the net is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in PSP 9 but can be done in other versions
Please link back to this blog if using in Forum Tutorial Challenges

Tube is by Kiwifire Storm called POISON IVY which you can get here at the PSP Project
Kit is called SOFTER SIDE OF GOTH - this is a FTU kit - grab it here
My Template # 228 - grab it here
Plug Ins - Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Fonts - Sick Capital Vice (name)
Mask & Sparkle of choice

Open up Template # 228
Delete the top layer marked Denz Designz
Open your tube and copy/paste as new layer - making sure this is your top layer, resizing and placing as desired. Now hide this layer until later.
Duplicate this layer - and move it down to sit over your small squares layer. Position your tube so you have it showing as you like. Making sure you are on your small squares layer, use your Magic Wand and click anywhere outside the squares, moving back up to your tube layer = then hit delete. Your tube is now trimmed to fit.
Move back down to your small squares layer and add Gradient Glows :
Fat (white) and the Medium (black) - I used width of 3.68

Copy and paste your tube again - placing this just above your Circles layer. Duplicate and place your tubes over the circles until you have them placed as desired - use your Magic Wand as before, and then move back to your tube layers and delete so the tube is now trimmed onto the circles.
Repeat your Gradient Glow as before

Now move to your Black Rectangle layer.
Go to Effects/ Texture Effects/Weave with the following settings
Gap - 2, Width - 6, Opacity - 1, Weave/Gap Color - White, Fill Gaps Ticked
Add the same Gradient Glow as before

On to your thin White Strip - add a black Gradient Glow
Move to your White Rectangle Shape - go to Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds with these settings
Width - 4, Opacity - 29, Color - Black, Horizontal and Light from Left - Ticked

Now it's time to add your elements from your Kit.
This is where you make the tag your own ... but if you want to use the elements I did ... here they are
* Coffin
* Bow 1
* Clock
* Doodle
* Candle Holder 2
Adjust Hue to 11 and Saturation to 13 on all elements

Add sparkles (if you are using them) as your top layer

Add your name and all © Information - save as a PNG and you are done

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