Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on July 23rd and is my own idea and creation.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial out there is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written in PSP 9 but may be done in other versions/programs.
Please link back to this blog if using in Forum Tutorial Challenges

This is another new tube from Zindy called Summer Girl which you can buy here
The kit used is an Exclusive Design and you can buy it here
Filters - Xero Porcelain, Muras Meister Copies & Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Mask of Choice
Fonts - Diana (script) and Century Gothic


Open a 650 x 650 transparent canvas
Choose a color from your tube and flood fill your layer.
Apply your mask/merge group.
Now using Century Gothic Font (choose size) type out Mon CheriƩ Amour, and covert to raster layer.
Add a drop shadow if desired.
Apply Muras Meistes Copies/Tiling Angle with default settings - changing the Tile Space to 2.
Now back to your mask layer - take your magic wand and click anywhere outside the mask area, then go back to your wordart layer, and delete. Your wordart should now only be on the masked area.

Time to open the kit.
Element 40 - Pink Lace - copy/paste as new layer, resize by 66%, move up and to the right.
Element 44 - Black Lace - copy/paste as new layer, resize and move to the left.
Element 25 - Eiffel Tower - copy/paste as new layer and move to the left hand side.
Element 27 - Clock - copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 66% and move down and to the left, below your Eiffel Tower layer.
Element 18 - Black frame - copy/paste as a new layer. Move to the left.

Copy and Paste your close up Tube layer on to the Black Frame
Using your magic wand, click out side the Black Frame (marching ants should be showing)
and move back to the Tube Layer and delete.
Your tube should be trimmed to the size of the frame.
Apply Xero Porcelain - default settings - adjust the Blue Channel to 73

Element 10 - Pink Flower - copy/paste - resize by 66% and move to the right.
Element 28 - Pillow - copy/paste - resize by 66% and then by 66% again. Move this to the right (check my tag for placement.)
Work your way through the kit choosing other elements to add, resizing as desired.
I used Elements 8, 51, 52 and 58

Add your Mon CheriƩ Amour words
(Use Century Gothic - size of choice. Add a Gradient Glow if desired)

Change your font to Diana - add your name and a Gradient Glow if desired.

Add your Copyright Information and save as a PNG File

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