Friday, July 13, 2012


This tutorial was written on July 13th 2012 and is entirely my own creation.
Do not claim as your own, rip apart, translate or post this tutorial elsewhere.
You are welcome to post a link if you use this tutorial in Forum Challenges.


Pink Angel Collection - Tube and Kit that is available here at Zindy's Store

Fonts used are CK Blake and CK Bloom


Open a 650 x 650 transparent canvas.
Copy and Paste Element PA Cloud - resize by 55% - move this up to the right of the canvas.
Duplicate/Flip/Mirror and position on the bottom left of the canvas.

Copy and Paste Element Frame 2 - resize by 55% and move up and to the left.
Duplicate/Mirror and move down slightly.
Merge Layer down - your frame layer should now look like this
Now take your Magic Wand - and click inside the frames - go to Selections/Modify/Expand by 10
Add a new layer below the frame layer, and flood fill with a color to match the frame or tube.
I then added Eye Candy HSB Noise effect and Blinds Texture. This is optional.

Copy and paste your tube twice ... moving these tubes so they show through the frames. Once you have them positioned as you like ... cut/delete the overhang showing beyond the frames.

Copy and Paste the following elements - resizing to taste - most of these were resized to 44%
Element PA Flower 1 - resize and move to the bottom left corner of the top frame. Duplicate and mirror and move down to the bottom left hand corner of the bottom frame
Element Card Heart - resize and move so this lays between the 2 flowers.
Element PA Light - resize and move down to the bottom left corner of the canvas.
Element PA Jar - resize and move so this sits in front of the flowers and heart.
Element PA Stickbow - resize and move so it sits behind the jar.
Element PA Card - resize and move so it sits in front of the jar and to the left slightly.

The rest is up to you - make this tag unique to you by adding whatever other elements you like. If adding some of the ribbons, post them as layers below the frames and have them sticking out slightly.

Now copy and paste your tube - and move to the right. Add a drop shadow - these are the settings I used

Now copy and paste Element PA Flutters - resize to taste.
I mirrored this element - and moved it to the left but still have some of the butterflies
laying across the Angel Tube.

Now using your font of choice - type out ANGEL WHISPERS
I used CK Bold Blake in Size 48, then add a Fat Eye Candy Gradient Glow in White, and then a Medium Glow in Pink (size 3)
Move this wording so it sits at the bottom of the Angel Tube.
Add your Copyright Information, and your name and save as a PNG File
You are done ... 

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