Monday, July 9, 2012

ZINDY Haven's Fairy - PTU

This tutorial is entirely my own idea.
If this resembles any others out there, then it is purely coincidental.
Do not rip apart, claim as your own, or copy in any way.

Tube is from Zindy called Cherry Fairy and you can get it here
Kit is called Heavenly Place by Albina which you can buy here
Mask of Choice ... if desired
Font : Verdana (Copyright) & Before The Rain (Name)

No outside Filters used.


Open a 650 x 650 Transparent Canvas

Now open your kit and use the following elements
# 60 Waterfall - Copy and paste as new layer. Do not resize
#46 Flower Corner- copy/paste - resize by 44% and move to the bottom right
# 66 Flower Arch- Copy/paste - do not resize. Move down below the waterfall layer
#47 Palm Frond - Copy/Paste - resize by 44% and move down below waterfall layer, moving to the right. Now duplicate and mirror image and move up slightly.
#14 Oyster Shell & Pearl - Copy/Paste and resize - move down to the left slightly
# 24 - Copy/Paste and resize - move down and to the left, sitting next to the Oyster Shell
# 23 - Copy/Paste and resize - move to the left.

Add your tube - no need to resize. Move her down a couple of layers, so it looks like she is
standing in the flowers.

Add your Copyright information CLEARLY - and also add your name, in your font of choice.
Save your tag as a PNG File and you are done.

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