Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ed van der Linden SENSATIONAL (PTU)

This tutorial was written by me on July 26th 2012
And resemblance to other tutorials out there is purely coincidental.
Do not copy, rip apart or claim as your own work.
This tutorial was done in PSP 9 but should work in all versions.

This tube is by Ed van der Linden called BABE 02 and is available at the PSP Project
Kit is called Summer Loving by Sam's Scraps and is part of the Starter Pack at the PSP Project
Filters - Xero Fritillary, Eye Candy Gradient Glow & HSB Noise & Glass, PentaCom Dot & Cross
Fonts - Pussycat Snickers and AL Script Hand

Open a 650 x 650 transparent canvas.
Using your preset shape - draw out an oval/circle with a color that matched your tube.
Apply Eye Candy HSB Effect - default settings, only altering the Width and Height to approx 100. Choose Random seed until you get the hue pattern you like.
Now go to Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds - and apply settings as below
Apply a Gradient Glow - FAT  and then Medium in a color of your choice.

Back to your Preset Tool Shape.
Choose a color from your tube - and draw out a rectangle - check my tag for size guides.
Apply PentaCom Dot and Cross effect - default settings.
Add the same Gradient Glows that you applied to the oval/circle.

Once again - Preset Tool shape and draw out a small circle - check my tag once again.
Duplicate and Mirror, then merge layer down.
Apply HSB Noise to these small circles, and same Blinds effect, but untick the Horizontal box.
Copy and paste your tube - resizing to taste - and place over one of your circles.
Duplicate and mirror, then merge layer down.
Choose your Magic Wand ... and move back to the small circle layer, and click anywhere outside the circles - the marching ants should now be showing up. Move back to tube layer, and hit delete. Your tubes are now trimmed and sitting perfectly on your circles.
Change Blend to Luminance Legacy, lower Opacity to 62.
Merge this layer down - your circle and tube layers are now 1 layer.
Add Gradient Glow if desired.

Preset Tool once again - this time using the Rectangle shape.
Draw out a small rectangle in your color of choice - check my tag for sizing.
Apply HSB Noise if desired and then Xero Fritillary with these settings
Add Gradient Glow as before.

Now for the Kit Elements
Element - Feather - copy/paste, resize by 66%. Move up and to the right slightly. Duplicate, Mirror and move this feather down and to the left. Adjust/Hue & Saturation to match your tube.

Element - Dancer Leaf - copy/paste, resize by 66%. Adjust Hue & Saturation as before. Move to the right, Duplicate and then Mirror. Merge Layer down, then duplicate Layer and Flip. Merge this layer down, and then drag your Leaf Layer so it is your bottom layer.

These are the other Elements I use - put your own stamp on this tag - you don't have to use the same ones.
Element - Dancer Butterfly
Element - Dancer Ribbon 5
Element - Dancer Flower 3
Element - Dancer Champagne Glass

Now add your tube - resize by 66% and place in the middle of your tag.

Using your Pussycat Snickers font, color of choice - size 90, type out the word
Place this down towards the bottom of your tube.
Apply HSB Noise, then Eye Candy Glass, then Gradient Glow as before.
Copy and Paste Element Dancer be fabulous wordart, adjust hue and saturation.
Add a Gradient Glow if desired.
Copy and Paste Element Dancer Star Border - resize, and adjust hue/saturation.
Add your copyright information, making sure it can clearly read
Add your name in the AL Script Hand

Save as a PNG File - and you are done

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