Monday, July 23, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on July 20th 2012
and is entirely my own creation
Any resemblance to other tutorials on the net is
purely coincidental.
You are welcome to link back to the tutorial if using in Forum Challenges.
Do not claim as your own work, rip apart or post tutorial elsewhere.

Another awesome Zindy tube called SASSY RED which you can buy here
FTU Kit by Gothic Inspirations called The Darkest Night
Filters : Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Xero Porcelain
Fonts used : Dusty Rose and Century Gothic.

Open a 650 x 650 transparent image.
Open up your tube - leave to one side for now.
Open your kit and choose element MESH - copy and paste as new layer, resize by 66%. Move this up and to the right. Duplicate layer, Mirror, Flip - merge layer down.
Choose your preset tool and select Circle/Elipse - Choose White as your background color.
Draw out a large circle. Apply Effects/Texture/Blinds with the following setting
Width 3 Opacity 29 Color Black, Light from top left

Now choose a color from your tube - and draw out a smaller circle - move to the left.
Paste close up onto the circle - delete any overhang
(You should know how to do this by now)
Adjust Opacity to desired strength.
Now apply Xero Porcelain with default settings - adjusting the BLUE to 76
Move back to your circle now and add a Gradient Glow if desired. (Fat/White and then Color/Medium)

Back to your Preset Shape and choose a heart shape - draw out a small heart in your color of choice, then draw out a few more hearts scattered over the right hand side of the large White circle shape. Don't make them all the same size - and keep a scattered effect with them. Convert to Raster Layer, apply a drop shadow, and Xero Porcelain if desired.

Copy and paste your tube - use my tag for reference.
Resize by 85% - Adjust Sharpness.

Now - start adding your elements
(Adjust the element color to match your tube - I used HUE 225 SATURATION 80)
Moon - Copy/Paste, resize by 66% - move this layer down below your circle shapes - and to the left.
Lamp - copy/paste, resize by 33% - move to the right.
Fern - copy/paste, resize by 66%, and move this down behind your tube.
Rose - copy/paste, resize by 33% - move to right of your tube, duplicate and mirror the rose.
Scatter - copy/paste, resize by 66% - place where you like on the tag.
Beads - copy/paste, resize by 66% and place this so it sits along the bottom of your tube.
Sparkles - copy and paste. This is your top layer now - place as desired.

Now choose a color to match your tag, and the Dusty Rose Font
Type out WHERE IS LOVE? - and place at the bottom of your tag.
Add any desired effect.

Choose Century Gothic Font - and type out your name, in size 16, repeating 4 or 5 times.
Add a Gradient Glow.
Add your Copyright Information and save as a PNG.

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