Thursday, July 19, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on July 18th 2012
Any resemblance to other tutorials out there is purely coincidental.
Do not rip apart, or claim as your own work.
Provide a link back to the blog if using this tutorial in forum challenges

The tube is new from Zindy called SLEEPY TIME and you can get it here
Elements (if these are yours please let me know and I will credit)
Mask of Choice
Filters - Eye Candy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow
Fonts - P22ZanerFour (Name) and Verdana (©)


Open a 650 x 650 transparent Canvas, and open your tube in PSP as well
If you want to apply a mask ... now is the time to do it.
Floodfill with a color of choice from your tube - and apply your mask.
Merge Group.

Add a new layer - and using your Preset Shapes Tool (Circle) with your color of choice, draw out a large circle. Now apply HSB Noise with the following settings
Now take your close up tube and paste on to the circle.
Using your magic wand, move down to the circle layer, and click out side the circle and you will have the 'marching ants' show up.
Now move back up to the tube layer and hit delete.
You have now just trimmed your tube, so it sits perfectly inside the circle. Adjust the tube opacity to suit your taste.
Adjust the Blend Mode on this layer to Luminance, and merge this layer down. (Circle and tube layer are now 1 layer)
Add a Gradient Glow - I used Fat (white) and then Medium (purple) - play around until you get the effect you like. Then move this circle layer to the right of the tag.

Back to your Preset Tool - and this time use the rectangle shape and color of choice.
Draw out a small rectangle shape (look at my tag for reference)
Apply the same HSB Noise Effects and also add Blinds Texture Effects
Once again - copy your close up tube and paste as new layer, positioning over the rectangle shape.
Trim your tube as before, change the Blend Mode to Luminance, and the Opacity to your preference, then merge down. Move to the left of the tag.
Add Gradient Glow like before - then duplicate the layer and Mirror the image.
Now move it back to the left, moving down to the left slightly.

Add your tube - sitting in the centre.
Add a drop shadow.

Back to your Preset Tool - rectangle shape.
Draw out a narrow rectangle in color of choice. Apply HSB Noise and a Gradient Glow.
Now change your background color to White, and draw another rectangle, smaller than the first one.
Add a Gradient Glow.

Add your Wordart so it sits over the rectangles - add a Gradient Glow and Drop Shadow.
Add your Corner roses - colorising to match your tube/tag
Add the Heart Accents either side of your tag, colorising to match the tube/tag
Add your Copyright Information, and your name, and save as a PNG File


Vicky said...

loved ,loved ,loved this tutorial!!
no scraps!! an old school tag!!
thank you !!

Vicky said...

loved this tut!!
old school !! no scraps!!
just beautiful!!
thank you !!