Thursday, January 29, 2009

~Template 84~

Download Template 84.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 84.psd from HERE

Friday, January 23, 2009

~ Colors 8/9 ~

Colors Palette # 9
Colors Palette # 8 2 more palettes ... right click and save as.

~ Valentine Papers '09 ~

Okay - I hope you like these ... lol You can download the Valentine Papers from HERE These are Tagger size papers ... 600 x 600 @ 72dpi

~ Template 83 ~

Download Template 83.pspimage from HERE Download Template 83.psd from HERE

~ Template 82 ~

Download Template 82.pspimage from HERE Download Template 82.psd from HERE

~ Template 81 ~

Download Template 81.pspimage from HERE Download Template 81.psd from HERE And remember ... you can email me any tags you make and I'll add them to the slideshow Thanks xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Valentine Heart~

I think my mojo has taken a holiday! Please come back ... lol Anyway ... I was playing around and made this ... someone might like it Download the Valentine Heart.pspimage from HERE Download the Valentine Heart.psd from HERE

Thursday, January 15, 2009

~ My Palettes at ColourLovers ~

I'm going to leave you a link to my Palettes on ColourLovers HERE There are only a few there at the moment ... but I would love someone to show me what they make with any that they use. I'll be posting more Palettes here over the next week or so as well. xoxoxoxoxo

~ Template 80 ~

Download Template 80.pspimage from HERE Download Template 80.psd from HERE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~ Colors 6 ~

Set # 6 ... reminds me of a stormy day somehow

~ Colors 5 ~

Color set # 5 ... a bit tropical isn't it?

~ Colors 4 ~

This is the 4th set of colors ... hope that you like them

~ New Award ~

I received this award from Pooker at Pookers Creations THANK YOU ... you keep me inspired. I love all of your tags and templates! Wubs you right back!!! heaps and heaps ... I am passing this award on to Beaches at Blame Beaches Tutorials She writes the most amazing tuts ... love all her work.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

~ Colors 3 ~

And ... last set for tonight - Color Swatch # 3
Right Click and save as ... this is a JPEG file

~ Colors 2 ~

The 2nd set of Color Swatches
Right click and Save as .. this is a JPEG file

~ Colors 1 ~

Looking for some color combos for those new Scrap Kits?
Right click on the swatch and save as ...
This is a JPEG file
Try out the combos that I post here ... and I'd love to see what you do make if you use them

~ Template 79 ~

See - no more hearts .. not just yet anyway!
Drop shadow is only used in the preview .. and all shapes have a white border of 10
Download Template 79.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 79.psd from HERE

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~ Template 78 ~

Download Template 78.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 78.psd from HERE I think I may be over Heart Templates already ... lol ... will be steering away from them for awhile now!

~ Template 77 ~

Download Template 77.pspimage from HERE Download Template 77.psd from HERE

Friday, January 9, 2009

~ Template 76 ~

Download Template 76.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 76.psd from HERE

~ Template 75 ~

Yep - couldn't resist - added a splash of color to this template .. lol
It won't make any difference using it ...
Download Template 75.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 75.psd from HERE

Thursday, January 8, 2009

~ Template 74 ~

Download Template 74.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 74.psd from HERE

~ New Award ~

WOW .. it's only early in 2009 ... and I have been given this award by Kay of KayXclusive - thank you Kay! Everyone ... head on over and check out Kay's blog - some cool goodies on there.
I am going to pass this award on to :
These are all amazing blogs - go ahead and check them out if you haven't already

~ Template 73 ~

Download Template 73.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 73.psd from HERE

~ New Layout ~

Time for a change ... I loved the old layout ... but this new one rocks! This layout was designed by Pooker ... check out her blog HERE

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~ Template 72 ~

Download Template 72.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 72.png from HERE

~ Template 71 ~

I bypassed the whole New Years thing ... but already doing Valentine's Day stuff LOL
Download Template 71.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 71.png from HERE

Sunday, January 4, 2009

~ Template 70 ~

Download Template 70.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 70.png from HERE

~ Template 69 ~

Download Template 69.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 69.png from HERE

~ Template 68 ~

Download Template 68.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 68.png from HERE

~ 2009 - Bring It On! ~

I hope that you all had a wonderful NYE and a great start to 2009
Let's hope this year the world can begin to find some peace!