Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Tag Show Off ...

Showing off my newest tutless tag - made with one of the Collab Templates posted below.
The tube is a Keith Garvey exclusive ... isn't it brilliant!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pooker & Denny Collab Templates 5 - 8

Pooker and I have been at it again this afternoon ... both of us getting back into the swing of things. Love hooking up with Pooker and doing this ... so much fun!
Here are our latest Collab Templates ...
I think they came out really well and look forward to having a play with these myself when I get some spare time tomorrow.
Head on over and check out Pooker's blog now - ELEGANT INSPIRATIONS
You can download the templates from Pooker's blog as well
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Template 191

First of all ... I want to apologise for the lack of posting here over the last month. Real life has a way of jumping in and stopping all the fun we like to have ... and it certainly did that for me. My hubby had to look for a new job, and I have had to go back to work ... and then there was updating the pc - took forever to transfer everything over and get the plugins working again. Some of them still aren't - no matter what I do, so making do with what I have for now.
I am hoping that I am going to be back in the swing of things from now on.
And on that note - I also hope that you have had a wonderful Easter. It's Anzac Day here - a time to remember and pay respect to all those that fought for our country so that we can live in peace and freedom. Lest we forget ...
And now - onto my first template in what seems ages ... preview below.
I have used another awesome tube by Keith Garvey - even with all the new artists that are emerging every day - I always find myself turning back to Keith and Elias ... they ROCK!
The small amount of elements I used came from a freebie kit from ArtMama