Friday, February 27, 2009

.: Dots & Spots Papers :.

Playing around this afternoon ... feeling very dotty!!! LOL 8 Papers ... feel free to colorise as needed ... enjoy! Download the Dots & Spots Papers from HERE

.:Template 86 :.

WOW - where did February go? I guess you can sort of tell that I have been busy with lots of real life stuff ... but hope to get back to some serious designing now. Here's a new template for you to play around with .... Download Template 86.pspimage from HERE Download Template 86.psd from HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009

.: Bushfire Latest :.

Over 1800 homes lost ... 181 confirmed dead and towns wiped off the map. BUT ... the aussies have rallied and raised over $100 million dollars for those affected. Some fires are still burning, but the major threat is now over. Thank you to all those who have sent best wishes and concerns ... I am lucky enough to not be in the danger zone, but my sister is ... hopefully things won't flare up again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

.: New Award :.

I received this award from bestest friend Pooker [Pookers Creations] ... THANK YOU! You know that I love you - and you blow me away with all the wonderful kits,templates etc that you make ... thanks hun! I am passing this award on to these sites .. well deserved - so make sure you check them out Digital Keepsakes Elegant Word Art 2 Pimp'd Tag Scraps • B E L • V I D O T T I • S C R A P S •

.: Heat Wave :.

Yesterday was just horrible .. the heat was incredible! It reached a top of 47.5 degrees Celsius - that's 117.5F ... you could have cooked an egg on the footpath! Fires that were burning 1/2 an hour away were sending smoke and ash our way - the winds were so strong. Thankfully, today is cooler ... down to 23degC today ... so we can all recharge the batteries. And hopefully, all the fires will be brought under control.

.:Template 85 :.

Download Template 85.pspimage from HERE
Download Template 85.psd from HERE