Monday, December 28, 2009

:: Template 105 ::

Another New Year template ... will probably move on to something else after this one And remember ... would love to see what you make with any of my templates
Download Template 105.psd from HERE

Sunday, December 27, 2009

.: Template 104 :.

Hi everyone ... hope that you had a wonderful Christmas ... so it's done for another year ... wow, all the lead up and then it's over so quickly. So .. that said, I am off for just over a week, and plan on getting some new stuff posted here ... as well as update the layout of the blog - new design for a new year. Here's a simple Template ... hope that you enjoy it!
Download Template 104.psd from HERE

Sunday, December 6, 2009

:: Problems with 4shared ::

There seems to be a problem with 4shared at the moment ... so if you are trying to download anything and keep getting an error page ... don't worry - just try again a bit later. I am going to go and have something to eat - my belly is rumbling!

:: Twilight Avatars - BELLA ::

I am pretty sure that I am out of inspiration right now - these are fairly plain ... and actually animated ... so if anyone would like the animated versions, which won't show up on here, just email me and I'll send them your way. Just click on them to save them.

:: Pressies Cluster ::

Another Festive Cluster for you - feel free to colorize as desired. Download the Pressies Cluster.psd from HERE

:: Template 103 ::

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far ... I've had a nice quiet one.
Template is merged ... but I have left the hearts on separate layers ... so you can move them wherever you want to. Enjoy! Download Template103.pspimage from HERE

Friday, December 4, 2009

:: Twilight Avatars - EDWARD ::

I am a huge Twilight fan ... for those that don't already know ... and wanted to make some avatars as I know there are alot of forums around for the fans. Here are 3 EDWARD avatars ... and I'll have some BELLA avatars posted soon. You can click on the pics and save them. ENJOY!!!!

:: Pink Festive Cluster ::

Another Festive Cluster for you ... in shades of Pink Download the Pink Festive Cluster.psd from HERE

:: Winter Wonderland Cluster ::

Thought that it was time to start getting into the Festive Spirit ... so here is a Cluster for you ... funny for me ... cos here in Australia, we'll probably be sweating through a stinking hot Christmas Day! LOL Download the Winter Wonderland Cluster.psd from HERE

:: Abstract Blue Cluster ::

My newest Cluster ... feel free to colorize if you like ... below is the tag that I made for the Member of the Week at Bag-A-Snag
Download the Abstract Blue Cluster.psd from HERE

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

:: Old Romance Cluster ::

Simple, but appealing ... I love everything old and romantic! And felt inspired to make this cluster when I came across the kit ... have fun using this one. Download the OLD ROMANCE CLUSTER.psd from HERE

Monday, November 30, 2009

:: Twilight Forever Template ::

Yep ... the Twilight goodies keep coming ... lol This is the newest template ... And I quickly whipped this tag up - no name on it ... you are welcome to use it if you want, just make sure that you leave the © info on it ... and don't claim as your own work.
You can download the Template from HERE

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Simple but elegant ... hope you enjoy this one! Download the BLUE FLORAL CLUSTER.pspimage from HERE

Saturday, November 28, 2009

:: Template 102 ::

Okay - another template ... wording inspired by the Twilight Series ... nothing fancy but could look very effective. Download Template 102.pspimage from HERE

:: Template 101 ::

Okay - so I have a new addiction - the TWILIGHT Saga ... lol I have held out ... deciding that I wouldn't get into the whole thing - WRONG ... watched Twilight and loved it so much I have seen it 12 times now ... then I read the book - smart move on my part I think! Then I saw NEW MOON - bloody awesome ... so I was hooked and have read the entire 4 books in 6 days. Head on over to Stephenie Meyer's website if you want to read a rough draft of Midnight Sun (Edward's View) ... That said, I made this template ... and there will be more!
You can download Template 101.pspimage from HERE I think I may be updating the blog with a Twilight or New Moon Layout ...mmmm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NEW MOON is out this week ..

Sorry for being MIA again ... spent the last couple of weeks packing up and moving house. I am 3/4 unpacked and getting back to some sort of normality - thank goodness.
I hope to have some new clusters and templates posted this week ... some of the templates I am unsure of but you never know ... you guys will make them rock as always.
On a side note ... NEW MOON is out in the theatres on Thursday night ... would love to go then but can't find anyone that wants to come with me to the midnight showing, so I am going on Monday night with my sisters etc ... cannot wait. I am totally addicted! You might even see some TWILIGHT inspired clusters appearing here ...
Have a great day everyone ... and once again, thanks for your support!

Monday, November 2, 2009

:: Hot Hot Hot Cluster ::

Hi everyone - yes, I know it's been awhile - but there has been heaps happening. Firstly, business is going well, but it's taking awhile to get used to working 6 days a week ... and we are also moving ... so in the process of packing up. We move into our new place (#13 is the house number) on Friday the 13th ... lol. Some people are freaking out - but I am okay with it!
Anyway ... I quickly whipped up this simple cluster ... just so you didn't think I had packed up and left town ... haha Download the HOTHOTHOT Cluster in png format from HERE

Monday, September 28, 2009

:: Tranquility Cluster ::

Doesn't this make you wish you were sunning yourself on a tropical island? Download the Tranquility Cluster.psd from HERE

:: I Will Love You CLuster/Frame ::

Here's a Cluster/Frame for you ... you are welcome to colorise this if you want to. Download the LOVE YOU Cluster.psd from HERE

:: Template 100 ::

WOW ... 100 Templates! Who would have thought!!! LOL ... thanks for keeping me inspired. Download Template 100.psd from HERE

:: Template 99 ::

New template ... have fun with this one and once again ... feel free to show off any tags you make with it. Download Template 99.psd from HERE

Sunday, September 27, 2009

:: Template 98 ::

Somehow when I look at this template ... I see Suzanne Woolcott tubes really suiting this one! Would really love to see what you do with this one ... Download Template 98.psd from HERE (This template can be used in PSP or Photoshop)

Monday, September 21, 2009

:: Template 97 ::

Me again ... with another template ... lol Here is the tag I made with the template .. using the wonderful art of Dominic Marco
You can download Template 97.psd from HERE

Monday, September 7, 2009

:: Template 96 ::

Another template inspired by Bon Jovi again .. lol You can download this file from HERE ... saved in PSD Format
This is a small sample of a Wallpaper I made and posted on my BonJovi Wallpaper Blog HERE

Sunday, September 6, 2009

:: Thanksgiving Cluster ::

Nice and simple Cluster ... made using a kit from Seachell Scraps This is a PSD File ... download the Cluster from HERE

:: Autumn Cluster ::

Made this from a scrapkit from ledigiscrapdemel This is saved as a PSD File ... and you can download from HERE

:: Sweet Dreams Cluster ::

Made from the wonderful Sleeping Baby scrapkit from DigiScrapbooking. This is saved as a PSD File ... which you can download HERE

Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: Template 95 ::

My fave Bon Jovi song at the moment This is a PSD File and you can download it from HERE

Friday, September 4, 2009

:: T.G.I.F. Cluster ::

A new cluster for you ... simple black and white, but I love black and white tags! Download the TGIF Cluster from HERE ... this is a PSD file This is what I did with the template ... using the wonderful artwork of Keith Garvey

Thursday, August 27, 2009

.: Template 94 :.

Last Template from me today ... have fun creating!
Download Template 94 [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Template 93 :.

This is the first template I have made in ages ... feel a bit rusty!
Download Template 93 [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Cowboy Cluster :.

Last Cluster for today .... simple, but enjoy using it.
Download the Cowboy Cluster [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Flowers Cluster :.

Another simple cluster ... enjoy!
Download the Flowers Cluster [a PSD file] from HERE

.: Sweet Romance Cluster :.

At long last!!!! Managed to get some clusters made ... use and enjoy. :)
Download the Sweet Romance Cluster [a PSD File] from HERE

Monday, August 3, 2009

.: Quick Update :.

Guess you have been wondering where I got to ... lol Well, I opened a Healing Centre with a friend and we have been going for a month now ... so that is what has been taking all of my time. It's hard trying to juggle everything, but slowly slowly, I'll get there. I hope to have a new layout posted for the blog this week, and also some new Templates and Clusters ... so keep your eyes open!

Monday, June 29, 2009

:: Simply Me Cluster ::

Surprise Surprise ... I found a few minutes to make a new cluster Hope that you like it ... Download the Simply Cluster from HERE

Monday, June 1, 2009

.: Letter Frame Cluster :.

Another new cluster for you today ... I am having fun making these! This is made to suit the Tagging Community ... so not a huge download This is a PSD File ... Download the Letter Frame Cluster from HERE

Saturday, May 30, 2009

.: If the Hat FiTs Cluster :

Okay - something a little different ... Made this from Lacarolita's TRENDY GIRL FTU Kit You can check out her blog HERE Download the HAT FITS Cluster from Here

.: Green Floral Cluster :.

Sorry for being MIA for so long and not posting anything new. I have been busy trying to get a business organised and opened. But ... I have been creating so will have some new stuff posted this weekend for you. This is a simple Cluster ... saved as a psd file Download the Green Floral Cluster from HERE

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

.: Bluesy Alpha :.

New Alpha ... I like the color and the pattern ... There are 3 PSD files in the zip - Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers Each letter/number is on it's own layer Download the Bluesy Alpha.rar File from HERE

.: Tatiana Cluster :.

Last Cluster for today ... made with another amazing kit from Bel Vidotti ... the link for the kit is here ...
Download Tatiana Cluster.psd file from HERE

.: Pink Floral CLuster :.

One more cluster for you ... Pink is one of my fave colors ... so love this one. This is saved as a PSD File ... so Paint Shop and Photoshop will open this. Download the Pink Floral Cluster.psd from HERE

.: Lovebirds CLuster :.

Another new cluster ... elements from CLAREY Lovebirds FTU Kit I think a Suzanne Woolcott tube would look great with this! This is a PSD file ... Download the Lovebirds Cluster from HERE