Friday, December 9, 2011


As of right now ... our BAS Exclusive Kit is on sale

If you haven't seen it before ... here are the previews

There are 59 Elements and 14 Papers.
How amazing is it?

All proceeds from the sale of the kit will help us get an Exclusive Tube at the Bag-A-Snag forum ... so THANK YOU in advance to anyone who has purchased the kit ... or if you are planning to purchase from us.

Click on the Paypal button below to purchase the kit now

We will get back to you within 24 hours to give you the download link for the kit.


Template # 220

Happy Friday everyone - and another new template hits the blog
Preview below :
As always ... comments and love is always appreciated.

This is what I did with the template
Made this for Bright ... my siggy swap partner this week at Creative Addictions.
The tube is HOOOOOOOOOT - gotta love Damon ... and you can get this tube by Arthur Crow at PSP Tubes Emporium.
Scrap Kit used is BLUE CHRISTMAS by Nanly Designs which you can get HERE - it's a freebie which is always good.
♥ Happy Tagging ♥

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Collab templates 25- 28 by Pooker & Denny

We've done it again - Pooker and I put our heads together and came up with some Winter/Christmas theme templates for you.
Here is the preview :
If you download, please leave some love ... it's appreciated
These are also posted on Pooker's blog - ELEGANT INSPIRATIONS - head on over and check out her blog, she always has some great stuff for you.
Thanks Pooker once again for being awesome as always

Friday, November 25, 2011

♥ Template 219 ♥

Surprise surprise
I finally finished a new template lol ... I am even shocked myself!

Here is the preview

I love Christmas time ... and it's time again to start making those Festive/Winter tags.

This is my finished tag using the Template
I used a few elements from a kit called MYSTERIOUS BLUE by Marzena
Lots of awesome elements in this kit - and it can be used for all types of tags.

♥ Happy Tagging ♥

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This tutorial was written by me on November 9th 2011
This tutorial was written using PSP9 but may be done in other versions.

(Click to see tag in full size)

Tube of choice - I am using the wonderful artwork of Cris Ortega, a FTU artist. Check out the art here

Scrapkit by Designs by LK called Harvest Of Memories.
This is a FTU Kit and you can get it here :

Font Used : Dubarry

Let's Get Started :

Open up a new transparent image 650 x 650

Open element 25 from the kit -copy and paste as a new layer and resize by 22%. 

New Layer - drag this below your frame layer. Using Preset Shapes, choose a circle shape (with your desired color) and draw out a circle just smaller than the frame.

Open element 30 from the kit - copy and paste as a new layer and resize by 22%. Drag this layer down to the bottom.

Open element 35 - copy and paste as a new layer. Resize by 15% and place this in front of your frame - to the right.

Open element 36 - copy and paste as a new layer. Resize by 15% and place this in front of your frame and clock - to the right.

Open element 13 - copy and paste as new layer. Resize by 15% and place this in front of your frame - to the right.

Open element 46 - copy and paste as new layer. Resize by 15% and place this in front of your frame layer - just so it looks like the clock etc is sitting on the leaves.

Open element 31 - copy and paste as new layer. Resize by 22% and place just behind the clock - moving it slightly to the right so it is showing.

Copy and Paste element 31 again - this time resize by 15% and place on the left of the frame.

Open element 41 - copy and paste as a new layer. Resize by 15% and place behind the small flower ... moving it slightly to the left so it is showing.

Open element 44 - copy and paste as a new layer and move to the top. Go to IMAGE and then MIRROR.

Open element 38 - copy and paste as new layer and resize by 15%. Place as desired.

Now to add your tube - copy and paste your tube as a new layer, making sure that it is sitting above your frame layer. My tube was resized by 77% but you will have to play around with this to get exactly the size you want.

Duplicate your tube layer and drag below your frame layer. Using your Magic Wand,and making sure you are on your circle background layer, click on the circle - it should now have the marching ants around the edge. Go to SELECTIONS and INVERT.

Move to your duplicated tube layer, and then hit DELETE. Then go back to SELECTIONS - SELECT NONE.

Now move to your original tube layer - and using your ERASER, working at the bottom of the tube and begin to erase the parts of the tube, until you will begin to see the frame edge clearly, and your tube will look like it is sitting inside the frame.

You can now add any other elements that you like from the kit - or maybe some animation or even a mask background - or use this little nifty trick to make a textured background instead.

*Copy Merged your entire tag - and paste as a new layer, moving down to the bottom. Adjust Gaussian Blur (about 15) and then add Texture Effects BLINDS - settings that you like*

Crop your tag to your desired size. Add your Copyright Information, and your name and you are done.

Zindy Contest - woohoo

1st place went to my good buddy Pooker with this stunning Forum Set

This is only one of the stunning sets that Miss Pooker makes for all the wonderful ladies at the Bag-A-Snag forum

I got pushed by Pooker, my partner in all things PSP to enter the Zindy contest - and I won 3rd place with this tag
So excited - I get to choose 2 free tubes WOOHOO!!!!

Here is the link if you want to check out all the wonderful entries

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collab Templates 21 - 24 by Pooker/Denny

At long last - some new Collab Templates from Pooker and I ... I mentioned it and she was off and running.
Love the color combo - so very Autumn!
I hope that you enjoy them - and be looking for some more new Templates very soon.

Download HERE

Don't forget to drop by Pooker's blog

and check out the rest of her amazing templates that she has posted - along with other great goodies.

There will be more to come ... so keep checking back from time to time

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tube of Choice - I used a tube from Zindy called Autumn Kisses which you can find HERE
Kit used - Fall Fantasy by A SPACE BETWEEN which can be purchased HERE
(I used the Taggers Size Kit)
Mask of choice - I am using DBV_Mask 111 - get it HERE
Font used for my name is AQUARELLE

Open up a new 650 x 650 image
Copy and Paste your tube and move slightly to the right
Open up element 9 from the kit - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the left.
Open element 17 - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the right. Look at my tag for placement.
Open element 29 - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the left.
Open element 42 - copy/paste and move above the tube layer, placing at the bottom edge of the tube.
Open element 5 - copy/paste and place as in my tag.
Open element 52 - copy/paste and move below your tube layer. Move to the right slightly, so you can see it poking out from behind your tube.
Open element 14 - copy/paste and move layer down so it is above your wooden window layer. Move to the left and place where desired.
Open element 4 - copy/paste. Resize by 66% and rotate slightly to the left.
Duplicate this layer - mirror image and resize by 66% - place where you like it best.
Open element 46 - copy/paste and resize by 66%. Move the layer down to where you like it best. You can duplicate and flip/mirror this layer again if you like ♥
Open element 27 - copy/paste and mirror this layer. Move and place as my tag.
Open element 51 - copy/paste and resize by 33%. Place as desired.
Now - open Paper # 10 and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 83% and apply the Mask.
I applied the HSB Noise effect and then added Blinds effect.
Now copy and paste your tube again ... and move it down so it is just above your Mask layer. Mirror the tube and place it so it is showing through the wooden window.
On your Mask Layer - go to Selections, Select All, Float, and then Defloat. Next - Selections, Invert.
Now move again to the tube Layer, and hit Delete, then Selctions, Select None.
Lower the opacity of the tube to 50% ... you can play around with the Blend Mode until you find one you like.

Add your Copyright Information, and your name - and save as a PNG file.
You are done!

Here is another example :

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summer Scents - FTU

Tube of Choice - I am using the wonderful artwork of Keith Garvey which you can purchase from PTE
(I purchased this tube from MPT when they were still in the tube business)
Add on Freebie by Novaczka Designs HERE
Mask of Choice (if desired)
Font used : Saginaw Bold

Okay - let's get started

1. Open a new image 650 x 650 - you can resize later when your tag is done.
2. Open element 9 (frame) and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 33%
3. Open element 10 (fern leaf) and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22% and move to the left hand side of the frame. Duplicate and rotate by 90 degrees to the right ... then place along the bottom of the frame.
4. Open element 7, and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22% and place at the bottom left hand corner of the frame.
5. Open element 5, and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22%, then rotate by 90 degrees to the right and place along the bottom of the frame ... on top of the fern leaf.
6. Open element 3 (bottle) and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 33% and drag below a couple of layers so that it sits against the frame, at the right hand bottom corner.
7. Open element 1 (flowers) and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 33%. Move this down one layer and arrange behind the bottle.
8. Open element 6, and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22% and move to the left ... duplicate and rotate by 90 degrees and move down ... look at my tag.
9. Open element 4 (doodle) and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 22% and then by 55%. Move down.
10. Open element 2, and copy/paste as new layer. Resize 20%. Choose a color from your tag and recolor this element. Move down to the bottom layer, moving this to the bottom of the tag. Duplicate and flip.
11. Add a new layer and move this layer below your frame layer. Go to your frame layer, and using the magic wand, click inside the frame. Go to Selections, Modify and Expand by 4. Move back to your new layer and flood fill the expanded selection with a color from your tube or the elements. Whatever works best. Select none. Now add EyeCandy HSB Noise effect with these settings

12. Now add your tube ... move it so it sits above the frame layer but below the ferns etc.
13. Add your copyright information and your name ... and you are done. Save as a PNG file.

Lia Witches Den - FTU

Please be very gentle ... this is my first time putting a tutorial together lol
Also ... use my tutorial as a guideline - add your own flair, and make your tag unique!

(Click on image to get full size)

This tutorial is entirely my own creation and any similarities to any other tut on the web is purely coincidental.

I am using the wonderful artwork of Lia ... visit her site :
I used the free to use kit WITCHES DEN by Vaybs which you can get HERE
Mask used is by MC_Mask13 by MelissazCreationz which you can get HERE
Font used for my name is called GRAVE DIGGER

Okay - let's get started.

1. Open up a new image 650 x 650
2. Open up the Witches Den Kit by Vaybs and use element 19 (house) and paste as new layer.
3. Open element 34 (moon) and paste as new layer and drag below the house. Resize as desired.
4. Open element 77 (flock of birds) and paste as new layer. Mirror image, resize as desired and place across the moon image as in my tag.
5. Open element 29 (grass) and paste as new image, drag below the house and place so it is showing just below the bottom of the house.
6. Open element 39, paste as new layer and resize. Place on the right hand side of the house.
7. Open element 10, paste as new layer and drag this layer so it sits in front of the house. Resize as desired, then duplicate image, and mirror, so you end up with a row of flowers in front of the house.
8. Open element 80 (fire), paste as new image and resize - then move over to the left slightly in front of the house.
9. I also used elements 6 (lantern) 38 (cat) 48 (sparkle) and 73 (crow) and place where you like.
10. Go to raster 1 - which should be your bottom layer. Choose a color from your tag, and using the flood fill tool, fill this layer with your chosen color. Now go to LAYERS, New Mask Layer, from image and in the drop down box, choose MC_Mask13 or your mask of choice that you have open in PSP. Make sure that Source Luminance is checked, and then hit OK. Then go back to LAYERS, Merge, Merge group. You now have your mask background.
You may add whatever effects you like - I applied EyeCandy HSB Noise, then Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds. And I also lowered the visibility of the mask to 50%
11. Now ... add your tube and place as desired. 
12. Add your Copyright Information, your name and you are done!

Here is another example of the same tag but using the awesome artwork of Misticheskaya (PTU)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Update

Yes, I know that it's been awhile ... and life has been very very busy ... so much that this week is the first time in ages that I have sat down and made a few tags ... boy have I missed it! Hopefully things will settle down now and I can get back into the swing of things, making some new templates and having a ball psping at the forum.
Just wanted to share this with you too ... ALWAYS CREATIONS TUTS TOO ... used one of my templates, and wrote a tut. She left me this pressie which is awesome - THANK YOU ♥

You can find the tut for this tag here

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Vicki from PINK PRINCESS SCRAPS has created an exclusive kit for our forum, to help us buy our very first Exclusive tube for our members.

We want to thank Vicki for her time and hard work with making this kit - it is a very generous thing for her to do and we appreciate it so much ♥

Previews are posted below ... showing off the brilliant kit.
There are 59 Elements and 14 Papers.
How amazing is it?

This kit is a bargain ... you can buy this for $3.00
A PayPal button to purchase the kit is posted below the previews.

This kit is now on sale ... check out the newer post (selling for $1.50)

Please allow 24 hours for us to get back to you with a link to download the kit.

Sorry for my MIA ... AGAIN ♥

The last month has been very busy and tiring ... so I am sorry that I haven't been around.
Real life has been totally sucky in a lot of ways ... but thankfully that seems to be over now and we are on the uphill ride to the end of 2011 ... I can't wait for 2012 and a better year all around.
There are new templates in the works ... so keep your eyes open for them
Have an incredible day everyone ♥

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Collab Templates 17 - 20

Yes - we've been at it again - Pooker and I have another set of templates for you
It's been awhile ... and hope it's not that long for the next set
Preview below :
And don't forget to check out Pooker's blog ... you never know what you will find there
♥ Happy Tagging - and as always ... we love seeing what you make with our temps ♥

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Template 218

Last one for today - I am just about to settle down to watch my Western Bulldogs play - and hope to goodness that they don't get flogged - we really aren't having the best of years!
Preview Below :
Got to love this tube by VeryMany - which is available at Scraps and the City.
Simple effects used - EyeCandy HSB Noise and Gradient Glow, Zero Fritillary and PSP Effects Blinds and Weave.
Font used is Century Gothic.

Template 217

YAY - it's Saturday morning - and I am still in my pj's ... lol. It's cold outside, and I really don't want to get dressed - could be a day curled up in front of the pc or tv, snuggled with a blanket. So, I found some time to make another template
I used the amazing artwork of JONATHAN RAYA on this tag - he is an email permission artist. Something different isn't it? Awesome tube! Font used is called Miserably Lose

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Template 216

Afternoon everyone - it's been a busy busy week for me ... and this is the first time I have managed to have Paint Shop open for more than a few minutes. So another new template - hope that you like it.
I changed the color of the template to suit my tube - a brilliant tube by Jeremiah Ketner. Use HSB Noise on the layers, and added a couple of elements - not too many, as I don't think this tube needs to have the attention taken away from it.
Font used was Century Gothic.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Template 215

TGIF - and at long last I have a new template ready for you.
It's been a busy month so far ... only hope I can work on some more in the next few days - really need to get those creative juices flowing again.
This is the tag that I made with the great tube from VERY MANY at Scraps and the City.
Kept it simple ...which is really unusual for me .. lol

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Rant ...

I have to say, that I am getting really really sick of all the drama queens causing trouble for people posting tags on Facebook ... or anywhere else for that matter ... and turning our tagging hobby into a nightmare.
Just this morning, it surfaced again with an image that really did not need to be reported at all, and it just goes to show that some people out there are constantly looking to make some people upset and destroy their tagging fun.
WHY? Are they jealous? Or do they just enjoy the drama? Whatever it is, it's no wonder that so many people are walking away and saying they will never make another tag again.
Most taggers these days do not use EAC (Extreme Adult Content) in their tags anymore - the most you may get is the odd boob or butt poking out here or there. And seriously, you see a lot worse on most of the television shows that are put on Free To Air, available to old and young alike.
My opinion is this - if you don't like what you see - DON'T LOOK!
If you are causing trouble out of jealousy - spend the time like the rest of us have, hour after hour, year after year learning different skills and become a great tagger.
I am sick of the nasty troublemakers in the PSP world - you have cost us so many headaches over the years, as well as the artists! It's no wonder there are so many artists that have become PTU or denied permission for us to use their work as a FTU artist.
STAY AWAY from everything PSP if all you are going to do is complain ... we all have enough going on in our real lives without our hobby becoming a complete nightmare too.
That said - I am opening Paint Shop and getting ready to make some tags - anyone wants to find something to pick on about anything posted here - bring it on!


The ladies at CREATIVE ADDICTIONS used some of my templates for their challenges, and I wanted to show off their tags.
Creative Addictions
Tag by Michelle (Template # 203)
Tag by Mary Jane (Template # 209)
Tag by Bright (Template # 209)
Tag by Belinda (Template # 209)
Tag by Kim (Template # 209)
Tag by Adele (Template # 203)
Brilliant tags ladies ... and thank you for playing with my templates.

Friday, July 1, 2011


The theme for our Contests in July is "CELEBRATING SUMMER"
Once again we have some great prizes up for offer, including a 1 month Exclusive Club Membership at PICS FOR DESIGN
So head on over to the forum and register - then you are eligible to take part in everything we have going on - no waiting, no needing to reach a certain post limit - it's all in and having fun.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Our June SLEEP OVER BASH was a huge success - and everyone loved receiving their prizes.
We had a few new members join us - and they jumped right in and made themselves at home.
So come and join in the fun ... ♥

LOOKIE ♥ A new skin for my blog

And doesn't it look amazing!!!!!
I have to say a very big thank you to my buddy POOKER of Elegant Inspirations for my blog's new clothes ... she's worked hard and made this blog have a new lease of life.
THANK YOU again hun - as I tell you ... you are my angel
♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Template 214

WOW ... another month comes to an end! I swear it gets quicker and quicker every year.
So, to close out the month, I have a new template for you ... preview below.
Used a great tube by ZlataM for this tag ... and a kit called Lacarolita's Emo Girl
Mask used is by ArtMama (#10)
Fonts used are Pharmacy and Sick Capital Vice

Friday, June 24, 2011

Showing Off ...

I wanted to share with you a couple of tuts by Ellie, using my templates
Thanks Ellie - you totally rocked these!
Links for the tuts are listed below each tag ♥

Monday, June 20, 2011

Template 213

WOOHOO - another week has started and we've been having alot of fun over at BAS with the Sleep Over Bash. We have had a few new members join us - so that's always good. And it always gives me even more people to make tags for ... lol
So - onto the template - the preview is below :
I just won this tube in one of the Contests at BAS ... so just had to make a tag with it. Once I started, I struggled to find the 'just right' elements ... so left it fairly plain.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Started!!!!!

The SLEEP OVER BASH at Bag-A-Snag has started!
There are Tubes and Scrap kits to be won - so feel free to drop by the forum (register if you aren't already a member) and get involved in all the contests.
We'll be playing all week ... hope to see you there ♥

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Template 212

And yet another template .. created again for our SLEEP OVER BASH at Bag-A-Snag
From the minute I started this template, I knew that I would use this tube ... lol
But once again ... I struggled with elements ... oh well, must just be one of those days

Template 211

Newest Template
I used this gorgeous freebie from GRAFIK at PICS FOR DESIGN ... to be honest I struggled with elements to put with this one, so left it fairly plain