Monday, November 30, 2009

:: Twilight Forever Template ::

Yep ... the Twilight goodies keep coming ... lol This is the newest template ... And I quickly whipped this tag up - no name on it ... you are welcome to use it if you want, just make sure that you leave the © info on it ... and don't claim as your own work.
You can download the Template from HERE

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Simple but elegant ... hope you enjoy this one! Download the BLUE FLORAL CLUSTER.pspimage from HERE

Saturday, November 28, 2009

:: Template 102 ::

Okay - another template ... wording inspired by the Twilight Series ... nothing fancy but could look very effective. Download Template 102.pspimage from HERE

:: Template 101 ::

Okay - so I have a new addiction - the TWILIGHT Saga ... lol I have held out ... deciding that I wouldn't get into the whole thing - WRONG ... watched Twilight and loved it so much I have seen it 12 times now ... then I read the book - smart move on my part I think! Then I saw NEW MOON - bloody awesome ... so I was hooked and have read the entire 4 books in 6 days. Head on over to Stephenie Meyer's website if you want to read a rough draft of Midnight Sun (Edward's View) ... That said, I made this template ... and there will be more!
You can download Template 101.pspimage from HERE I think I may be updating the blog with a Twilight or New Moon Layout ...mmmm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NEW MOON is out this week ..

Sorry for being MIA again ... spent the last couple of weeks packing up and moving house. I am 3/4 unpacked and getting back to some sort of normality - thank goodness.
I hope to have some new clusters and templates posted this week ... some of the templates I am unsure of but you never know ... you guys will make them rock as always.
On a side note ... NEW MOON is out in the theatres on Thursday night ... would love to go then but can't find anyone that wants to come with me to the midnight showing, so I am going on Monday night with my sisters etc ... cannot wait. I am totally addicted! You might even see some TWILIGHT inspired clusters appearing here ...
Have a great day everyone ... and once again, thanks for your support!

Monday, November 2, 2009

:: Hot Hot Hot Cluster ::

Hi everyone - yes, I know it's been awhile - but there has been heaps happening. Firstly, business is going well, but it's taking awhile to get used to working 6 days a week ... and we are also moving ... so in the process of packing up. We move into our new place (#13 is the house number) on Friday the 13th ... lol. Some people are freaking out - but I am okay with it!
Anyway ... I quickly whipped up this simple cluster ... just so you didn't think I had packed up and left town ... haha Download the HOTHOTHOT Cluster in png format from HERE