Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Template 189

Striking while the mojo seems to be hanging around ... hope you like this one
Love this José Cano tube ... was at a loss going through all the kits I have ... got so confused with all the elements, so this ended up being the finished tag.

Template 188

YAY - feel like I am on a roll after not doing much tagging over the last week.
Newest Template from me ...
Another tag made using the wonderful art of NO FLUTTER - elements are from an exclusive kit offered at Taggers Voice on Facebook. Normal effects used by me - I am addicted to them - HSB Noise, Gradient Glow, Zero Fritillary and Porcelain, DSB Flux Bright Noise and PentaCom Dot and Cross.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Template 187

At long last ... had an ordinary week or so ... haven't even really felt like tagging - but here we are with a new template.
This week at Bag-A-Snag, our Artist of the week is NO FLUTTER ... you can check out her amazing art at . This is what I did with one of her tubes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bag-A-Snag is having an OPEN HOUSE

We are having an open house for the next 48 hours ...
You can come in and look around, but to post you will have to register with the forum.
Any feedback you would like to pass back to me is greatly appreciated.
Click HERE

Template 186

Another Template for you .. what is it about Friday's that get you inspired?
I was going through some old discs I had of my earliest Tubes bought from GILD ... and can't believe that I totally forgot about my Joe Pekar tubes ... they are just way too cute!
I love this cutie ... personally, I am not sure about the finished tag but sharing it anyway.

Template 185

YAY - another Friday rolls around ... hope you have something interesting planned for the weekend ... I'll be catching up with some friends for a bbq ... but for today, I am feeling very creative, so there may just be some more templates getting posted today.
Template 185 preview
I went shopping last weekend when MPT had they BOGOF sale ... and bought heaps of new Elias and Garv tubes ... just love this one ... colors are awesome. Scrap Kit used is from

Monday, February 7, 2011

Template 184

As most of you know by now, Keith Garvey and Elias Chatzoudis have resigned from MPT and will be selling from Psp Tubes Emporium - so happy that they are still going to be around - don't know what I would do without there tubes.
Anyways ... Keith Garvey has shared a FTU pic ... so everyone is just rapt! This is what inspired the template ... the word art is from my fave Bon Jovi song at the moment "No Apologies".
How amazing is this tube?
As always, leave some love when you download please! xoxoxo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Template 183

Another new one ... had to throw some hearts on ... it is getting close to Valentine's Day
Made this for our MOTW at Bag-A-Snag ...

Template 182

This week at BAS ... our Musical Moments challenge is all about songs from DIRTY DANCING ... so what a better way to get inspired and make some new templates!
I accidently have the tube saved in the original link - thanks to Tasha and Tonya for letting me know ...
Just love this new tube from Elias ... stunning color - don't you love the hair????