Friday, April 30, 2010

: Template 142 :

Okay - I have played around with this - rearranged everything 2 or 3 times, and each time came back to the original layout ... lol ... so that's how you're getting it :) This template comes with 2 separate mask backs - 1 pink & 1 blue DOWNLOAD HERE
So this lazy tagger didn't achieve a whole lot with this but it's neat and simple. I am using the amazing artwork of Martin Abel - you can get his tubes from CILM. Fonts used on this tag are Beeswax and Kristen ITC ~ENJOY~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

: Life Wordart :

I actually saw this on a site this morning and loved it - then saw my sister had it posted as her status on Facebook .... it is so true!!!!! DOWNLOAD HERE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cat Profiles - Ari gold | WHISKAS.COM.AU

Cat Profiles - Ari gold | WHISKAS.COM.AU Quick favor everyone ... Could you please click the link above and vote for my son's kitty - it'd be appreciated! They rescued him from a shelter, and he is the most gorgeous thing! He is totally deaf, which makes for a lot of fun for them when they are trying to find him when he sneaks off and falls asleep, or is doing something he shouldn't ... lol

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

: Template 141 :

DOWNLOAD HERE Here is the tag below that I made with this template ... what can I say, I can be such a lazy tagger ... hehe
I used Pussycat Snickers font again ... and Xero Fritillary, Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Penta Dot & Cross - they would have to be my all time fave effects

: Template 140 :

Wow ... I have all these templates to upload and now that I look at them again ... not happy with them, so going to spend some time tweeking them here and there.
Very simple what I did with this one ... lol Fonts used are Chachie, Trebuchet and Love Light (You'll notice I use these alot!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

: Template 139 :

DOWNLOAD HERE I don't have many obsessions (lol) but I am a huge Twilight Addict ... and this template just screamed at me to make a Twilight related tag ... naturally Edward would feature!
Fonts used are Dusty Rose and A&S Signwriter Elements & Mask from a kit by Sunf

: Template 138 :

And another quick template for you ... DOWNLOAD HERE
And here is the finished result of my tag using the template ... I am getting lazy ... don't add alot of elements anymore ... :)
Fonts used on the tag are : Pussycat Snickers, Love Light and Baby Boston Filters : Xero Frittilary, EyeCandy Gradient Glow and Pentacom Dot & Cross

: Template 137 :

This template is pretty much a tag just waiting to be dressed up - add your tube and elements and you're done! DOWNLOAD HERE
See what I mean ... made this one by adding a tube, and a couple of music notes. The tube is a free tube from MPT - so head on over and grab it - mask is by Monti

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

: Template 135 :

: Template 134 :

Nothing on TV and it's still early ... so getting some more templates uploaded while I am on a roll .. hehe DOWNLOAD HERE

: Template 133 :

: Template 132 :

I have given up trying to work out this HTML ... for today anyway ... so here's another template for today. DOWNLOAD HERE

:Updating my Blog:

I am just about to make a new header .. and then try to work out the HTML so that all the writing falls in the area that I want it too... never had so much trouble before ... lol. It's a nice soft change - I hope that you like it ... So .. if things look a bit wonky, bear with me - I will get it sorted out

: 2 Tags using Template :

2 tags that I made with my latest Template ... Nothing special - but sometimes the less added, makes the tag more effective!

: Template 131 :

mmm ... I am thinking there could be a new Twilight Tag getting made from this template ... lol DOWNLOAD HERE

Monday, April 5, 2010

:Template 130 :

Last template for today ... going to organise some tea and then chill out reading the 5th Vampire Diaries book - have an awesome day everyone DOWNLOAD HERE

: Template 129 :

mmm ... wonder what can be done with this one? lol DOWNLOAD HERE

: Template 128 :

HAPPY EASTER everyone - hope that you all had a wonderful break - I know I did. It seems like I am here in fits and spurts ... so time to get the butt back into action and get some of these templates I have been promising, posted. DOWNLOAD HERE