Thursday, August 27, 2009

.: Template 94 :.

Last Template from me today ... have fun creating!
Download Template 94 [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Template 93 :.

This is the first template I have made in ages ... feel a bit rusty!
Download Template 93 [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Cowboy Cluster :.

Last Cluster for today .... simple, but enjoy using it.
Download the Cowboy Cluster [a PSD File] from HERE

.: Flowers Cluster :.

Another simple cluster ... enjoy!
Download the Flowers Cluster [a PSD file] from HERE

.: Sweet Romance Cluster :.

At long last!!!! Managed to get some clusters made ... use and enjoy. :)
Download the Sweet Romance Cluster [a PSD File] from HERE

Monday, August 3, 2009

.: Quick Update :.

Guess you have been wondering where I got to ... lol Well, I opened a Healing Centre with a friend and we have been going for a month now ... so that is what has been taking all of my time. It's hard trying to juggle everything, but slowly slowly, I'll get there. I hope to have a new layout posted for the blog this week, and also some new Templates and Clusters ... so keep your eyes open!