Thursday, October 13, 2016

Esmerelda Clusters PTU - Scraps'N'Company

Hi everyone - trying to get my CT mojo in to shape .... lol
Let's hope that it stays put for just a little while

I have made a new set of PTU Clusters - these are called Esmerelda and you can find them HERE
The kit is by Bibi Collections - and it's just amazing.
You can find it HERE
Here is a couple of tags that I made - the first one uses the matching tube by Soul Designer
Available HERE
And the 2nd tag is made using a stunning tube by Pin Up Toons
I am sure you will love all the Clusters - they are on sale now for $1.25 the pack.
Happy Tagging :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Yes yes yes - another set of PTU Clusters
These were created using the wonderful MY DENIM Kit by Bibi's Collections
Here is a preview of the Clusters
You can buy these Clusters HERE
The kit is available HERE
And I made a couple of tags using another stunning tube by Andy Cooper called FASHION DENIM
You can buy the tube HERE


Another set of PTU Clusters this morning for you
The clusters match the kit MAGIC FAIRY SPARKLES
Here is the preview of the Clusters
You can get the Clusters HERE
The kit is available HERE
The kit is just gorgeous - so many elements to make amazing tags
And now the tag I made using the SEQUIN FAIRY tube from Andy Cooper
So many amazing tubes from Andy - love his work

You can buy the tube HERE


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Fairy Autumn PTU Clusters - ScrapsNCompany

Another set of PTU Clusters showing off today.
The kit is from Designs by Joan - called Free Fairy Autumn
Here is the preview of the Clusters
You can find these in store now HERE
The kit is just gorgeous - perfect for all the Fall tags and there are so many amazing elements
Check it out in store HERE
And finally - I used the matching tube from Andy Cooper called FREE FAIRY to make the tag below.
Here is the link to the tube - CLICK ME

Happy Tagging - and have an awesome day :)

Autumn Flowers PTU Clusters - ScrapsNCompany

I have another set of PTU Clusters to show off to you today
This set was created using the AUTUMN FLOWERS kit by Bibi's Collections
Here is a preview of the Clusters
You can get these Clusters here
Here is the kit used - absolutely gorgeous
You can buy the kit here
Now showing off a tag I made with one of the clusters ..... the tube is by Andy Cooper
You can get that tube HERE
 Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Autumn Lady PTU Clusters - ScrapsNCompany CT

Another gorgeous set of PTU Clusters for you
This time I used the Autumn Lady Kit by Bibi's Collection
Beautiful Colors for this time of year.
Here is a preview of the Clusters
Aren't they just waiting to be tagged?
You can get them here

If you are looking for the kit - find it here - on sale right now

Here is a tag I made using the matching tube by Fiodorova Maria called Autumn Lady
You can buy the tube here

Happy Shopping and Tagging :)

Autumn Ninfa PTU Clusters - ScrapsNCompany CT

I am super excited to say that I am back doing CT work ...

I have a set of PTU Clusters to show off using the wonderful kit AUTUMN NINFA by Bibi's Collection
Below is the preview of the Clusters you can buy in store here
And this is the wonderful kit - you can buy the kit here
The kit is on sale now for only $1.50
And here is the tag I made with the wonderful art of Andy Cooper
The tube is called Dragonfly - available here

Thanks for looking - and remember to grab a bargain with this kit and clusters on sale now :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Always Wordart

Some Word Art for you today
Just right Click and save to your computer.
Please feel free to show any tags you make using this wordart ... love to show them off :)

Template #244 and Wordart

Okay - please be gentle - I have been slacking badly the last couple of years with new templates, but I do have this one to share with you ....... along with some quick wordart that I whipped up.

Here is a preview of the template
You can download this template here
I just quickly whipped this tag up - but please feel free to send me any tags you make with this template
and I will show them off here :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amongst Friends - Dees' Sign Depot ♥

Today I am revisiting a kit that I originally CT'd for Dees' Sign Depot.
The Kit is called AMONGST FRIENDS
You can buy the kit here
The kit is on sale now for $3.20
Here is a preview for you
There is such a choice of elements, frames, papers, sprays and wordart that you will truly love using this kit over and over again :)

It's been awhile ... but I have been busy lol

I know that it's been awhile since I posted but I haven't been sitting idly doing nothing.
I am super busy at my forum BAG-A-SNAG - posting lots of tags ... so come on over and join us if you like.

I am not back doing CT work but thought I would share some tags I have been making - and will be posting links to the kits/clusters/tubes in all posts I have made. I am revisiting some of my CT kits at the moment - so sad that we use it once and move on to the next kit ....... time to highlight some of them again.

And I have been creating - new templates - new wordart - new masks.
Just need to get things in order and they will be posted on the blog.
This amazing tag was made by Di aka Silkee at the forum

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taking a break from CT Work

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am taking a break from CT Work ........ it's been fun over the years, and I have worked for some awesome Stores and totally brilliant Artists, but for now, the mojo and fun aspect are no longer there ...... and I need to take a step back.

Stuff happens in real life, we get a little older and our outlook changes on things, and we find that we are just stumbling along with very little direction. I left most of my CT teams a couple of months ago and today let Dee know that I would be stepping aside and focusing on family and my forum - as well as some new adventures along the way.

I may get back to doing some Creative Team work at some point but for now, I say goodbye and thank you to everyone that has trusted my tags, and had me on their team
Alikas Scraps
Carita Creationz
Dees' Sign Depot
Inzpired Creationz
Kissing Kate
Mellie Beans
Mystical Scraps
OScrap Candy Shack
Rieneke Designs
Sassi Designs
Spazz CT
Tasha's Playground
The Hunter
The PSP Project 
Wicked Princess Scraps

I will still be posting on the blog, and hope to get back to making clusters, wordart, masks and templates again - it seems like forever since I have.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

SWEET PEA KIT - Dees' Sign Depot CT

We have another stunning kit released by Dees' Sign Depot
This kit is called SWEET PEA - the colors are stunning together - and the choice of elements will make this kit useable over and over.
You can buy the kit here
And you can get the Clusters and Cluster Frames on the links below
Or how about buying the whole bundle and save yourself some money

Thursday, April 7, 2016

LUSCIOUS FOLIAGE Kit - Carita Creationz CT

Another stunning kit by Carita Creationz ...... and in my favorite colors too
This kit is called Luscious Foliage
Here is the link to buy the kit
A tagger sized minikit for personal use. Re-released, so grab it now.
There are 26 elements, 4 frames, and 10 papers ... and for only $1.50 on sale at the moment

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Serenity Kit - Carita Creationz CT

WOW is all I can say about this kit - a total sucker for the color combos used.
The kit is called Serenity by Carita Creationz - and you can buy the kit here
This kit is on sale right now ... 25% off so don't miss out :)

Color My World Kit - Dees' Sign Depot CT

Once again Dees' Sign Depot has come up with another amazing kit called COLOR MY WORLD
This kit is made up of gorgeous colors and elements - beautiful frames, and some stunning word art.
You can buy the kit here
This kit is on sale now at 25% off - only $1.88
You can also buy the Cluster Frames here
And the Clusters here
Or buy the whole bundle at a great price here

Saturday, March 26, 2016

ISN'T SHE LOVELY Kit - Dees' Sign Depot CT

Once again, Dee has outdone herself - this kit is truly lovely with some gorgeous elements and the colors are just perfection.
There is a huge range of frames, sprays and papers as well in this kit. You are just going to love it.
You can buy the kit here
And just a quick heads up - the kit is on sale now for only $1.88
And even better - you can buy the bundle - Kit, plus cluster frames and clusters
This bundle is on sale now as well - for only $4.40 - that's 20% off

Thaliris Kit - A Sea of Color Kit

This tag is created using another stunning kit by Thaliris Designs
The kit is called A SEA OF LIFE and is available at Dees' Sign Depot here
Remember the special deal that is on at the store - all in the Here To Help Mirella Campaign
Here 2 Help Mirella is Thaliris Designs!
50 Gorgeous FS Kits have been added to the Store!
All Proceeds (minus PP costs) Go to Mirella!
The more you buy the bigger the $AVINGS!
Individually $2.90 EA
buy 4 for $10 - Coupon Code 4FOR10
buy 12 for $25 - Coupon Code 12FOR25
buy 26 for $50 - Coupon Code 26FOR50
buy all 50 for $90 - Coupon Code 50FOR90

EGG'STRA CUTE Scrap Kit - Dees' Sign Depot CT

Another stunning kit from Dees' Sign Depot
This kit is perfect for Easter with the wonderful elements you get but also just perfect for Spring as well.
Amazing Frames and Sprays and the timeless wordart that Dee puts into every kit is enough to set the kit off and please anyone that buys the kit.
Click here to get the kit from Dee's Store
Do yourself a favor and check out the bundle pack which gives you the kit and clusters + frames

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LUCK OF THE IRISH Kit - Dees' Sign Depot CT

Another brilliant kit from Dees' Sign Depot - this one is called Luck of the Irish - and you will just love it. You can use this kit for spring tags as well - awesome elements and brilliant word art, sprays and frames included.
You can buy the kit here
You can also find a pack of Clusters and Cluster Frames at the store too
Hey - why not buy the whole bundle ......
Happy Tagging :)