Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sharing Word Art - created by me

 Good Morning to everyone :)

I know I made a quick reappearance and then disappeared again.

Right now .... we are in a 2nd Lockdown phase in Victoria - and we have another 4 weeks to go before they even think about lifting them.

So - I have been going through my old Tags - I always keep the originals I make - and I did notice some of them have some Word Art that I made. I don't know if anyone can use them - or even if you want to. But it does seem a shame to have this stuff sitting there doing nothing. 

Just a word - these were made in 2013 ..... along with the tags I created .... I have just grabbed the Word Art off them and sharing them with you here.

  • Do Not Claim as your own work
  • Please send people here to grab the Word Art
  • Forums may use these in Challenges
  • Right Click and Save to your PC
  • ENJOY - Thanks :)