Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year - hello 2020

Another year is coming to an end .... and I truly wish that you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas.
Bring on 2020 that is what I say - and I will get back to making some Clusters and Templates as well as being way more active around my forum ....
So to start things off on a good note ... here is a new Cluster Frame to snag.
 Do not rip apart or claim as your own work.
Please feel free to send me samples of what you make .... always happy to show it off here.

Have an awesome day/night :)

Thursday, July 11, 2019

HIT ME Tag Set

Here you go - an old set that I made from the time I was on the CT for Spazz
I love love love this tube :)

As always - do not alter or claim as your own work.
You can find sets like this and more here at the forum
(You have to be a member to access this forum)

Good Morning Snag

Thought I would drop by with another Snag for you
I made this one ages ago .... you know the rules
Do not Alter
Do not Claim as your Work
If you are looking for more awesome snags from me or the members of the BAS Forum

Saturday, July 6, 2019

WOW it's been awhile ....

It's been a long time since I was in here

I no longer do CT work - I don't have the time anymore .... I am back working 4 days a week, and I have my family that keep me more than occupied outside of paid working hours.

But - I do still have my forum BAG-A-SNAG ... and it is quite active with some wonderful taggers that are very spoiling to anyone that drops in there.

I have decided that I will try to be more active here - maybe make some new Templates, Word Art, Snags and maybe even Wallpapers - just because I want to .... LOL
I hope to update the Blog with some new clothes as well :)

So - please continue to drop by and keep in touch - I have appreciated the messages over the last few years.

Here is a Snag for you - made by me.
Do not Alter
Do not Claim as your Own Work