Sunday, February 8, 2009

.: Heat Wave :.

Yesterday was just horrible .. the heat was incredible! It reached a top of 47.5 degrees Celsius - that's 117.5F ... you could have cooked an egg on the footpath! Fires that were burning 1/2 an hour away were sending smoke and ash our way - the winds were so strong. Thankfully, today is cooler ... down to 23degC today ... so we can all recharge the batteries. And hopefully, all the fires will be brought under control.


Christina said...

Hello. You don't know me but I am a great fan of your blog and visit it daily. I read about how close you were to the devastating fires we Canadians and I am sure the rest of the world have been watching with horror in the news. You have not posted since that day and just wanted to say that I hope that you and your family are safe. Please know that you and your fellow Australians are in my prayers.

Denny said...

Thank you so much for caring ... I am fine ... we are not in the danger zone but my sister has been ... thankfully she has not lost her house ... but the fires are still going around her.

It is great to see everyone pulling together to help those affected by all of this - I just hope we all learn the lesson that there doesn't need to be a tragedy for us to come together again.