Tuesday, October 18, 2022

- Last Days of Tricks'N'Treats -

Thank you so much for dropping by ...
We hope that you come back, play the games, show off your tags, request, enter the lottos and generally enjoy anything and everything that we have here.

From the moment that we open until the moment we close, new items can be posted ... so please make sure that you come back and check often.

Contests/Lottos - the results are final ... anyone that doesn't follow the instructions will not have their entry included at close.

Tag Requests - request away but follow the Taggers rules re numbers, list form etc ...
Tag Pick Ups - check back every couple of days and pick up tags in a timely manner.

Challenges - there will only be a 4 that need to be completed to receive the BAS Boo Bundle ...
They will be super simple ... and easy to complete - please do not message us asking to receive the Bundle if you do not do all Challenges.

Games etc are for fun ... unless otherwise specified in the TOP POST

Make sure that you visit the other forums taking part in the TRICKS 'N' TREATS

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