Thursday, October 30, 2008

♥~My 4th Award ~♥

I am very flattered to receive this award from the amazing Beaches of BLAME BEACHES TUTORIALS . Loved your tuts for a long time Beaches ... and thank you so much for giving me this award.
The rules are that I have to state seven things that I love and then pass this onto seven more blogs. So here goes!
1. My Family 2. My Life 3. Bon Jovi 4. PSP 5. Candles/Incence 6. The Ocean 7. Meditation
The 7 blogs that I am passing this onto are :
Jenn at Just Jenn's Junk; Pooker at Pooker's Creations; Angie at PinkZilla's PassionZ; Marcia at Babe's Designs; Cheri at Wild Creationz; Sunf at Urban FairyTales and Suz at Suz Creations
It just goes to show ... we are often too critical of what we do ... especially when others love it so much!

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Sunf said...


matey thankyou for the award bird you a lil star xxxxxxxx

love the latest templates :)