Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tube of Choice - I used a tube from Zindy called Autumn Kisses which you can find HERE
Kit used - Fall Fantasy by A SPACE BETWEEN which can be purchased HERE
(I used the Taggers Size Kit)
Mask of choice - I am using DBV_Mask 111 - get it HERE
Font used for my name is AQUARELLE

Open up a new 650 x 650 image
Copy and Paste your tube and move slightly to the right
Open up element 9 from the kit - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the left.
Open element 17 - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the right. Look at my tag for placement.
Open element 29 - copy/paste and move below the tube and to the left.
Open element 42 - copy/paste and move above the tube layer, placing at the bottom edge of the tube.
Open element 5 - copy/paste and place as in my tag.
Open element 52 - copy/paste and move below your tube layer. Move to the right slightly, so you can see it poking out from behind your tube.
Open element 14 - copy/paste and move layer down so it is above your wooden window layer. Move to the left and place where desired.
Open element 4 - copy/paste. Resize by 66% and rotate slightly to the left.
Duplicate this layer - mirror image and resize by 66% - place where you like it best.
Open element 46 - copy/paste and resize by 66%. Move the layer down to where you like it best. You can duplicate and flip/mirror this layer again if you like ♥
Open element 27 - copy/paste and mirror this layer. Move and place as my tag.
Open element 51 - copy/paste and resize by 33%. Place as desired.
Now - open Paper # 10 and copy/paste as new layer. Resize by 83% and apply the Mask.
I applied the HSB Noise effect and then added Blinds effect.
Now copy and paste your tube again ... and move it down so it is just above your Mask layer. Mirror the tube and place it so it is showing through the wooden window.
On your Mask Layer - go to Selections, Select All, Float, and then Defloat. Next - Selections, Invert.
Now move again to the tube Layer, and hit Delete, then Selctions, Select None.
Lower the opacity of the tube to 50% ... you can play around with the Blend Mode until you find one you like.

Add your Copyright Information, and your name - and save as a PNG file.
You are done!

Here is another example :

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Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!