Thursday, August 16, 2012


This tutorial was written by me on August 15th 2012
This is my own idea and any other resemblance to other
tutorials on the net is purely coincidental.
Do not claim as your own work - my Tutorials are © Protected.
You may link to this tutorial if using in Forum Challenges.

Tube is by Eos Sparks called Firefly-hime and you can get it here at the PSP Project
Kit is by Linas Designs called Little China Girl - get it here
Font is Keetano Gaijin
Filters - Eye Candy Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
Mask of Choice - I used WSL #81


Open up a new transparent image 650 x 650 - you can always resize later.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer - resize by 55%
Using your Tool Shape (Rectangle) and Color Black (background) draw out a rectangle shape - use my tag as a guide. Drag this below your tube layer.
Change your background color to #ce5257 and draw out another rectangle shape - not as long, but wider.
Drag this down below your black rectangle shape.
Change your background color to white and draw out one more rectangle shape - longer than your black one, and not as wide. Move this layer so it sits above your black rectangle.
This is what your tag should look like now
Now is the time to add any effects you like to your rectangle shapes.
On the reddish shape, I applied HSB Noise, then a Black Gradient Glow.
On the black shape, I applied Texture Effects Weave, then a Fat Gradient Glow and a Black Gradient Glow
On the White shape, I applied Texture Blinds Effects, and a Black Gradient Glow.
(Play around with the settings to get the effects you like)

Using your font - you can add a saying of choice - I posted PEACEFUL INFLUENCE in Keetano Gaijin size 72. Add a drop shadow and place this so it sits nicely on the white shape.

Now is the time to start adding your elements - here is what I used - remember to check my tag from time to time for placement of elements - but also, remember this is just a guide.
Plant - resize by 22% - paste as new layer and move down and to the right. Duplicate/Mirror
Chopsiticks - resize by 44% - paste as new layer, and Mirror. Move to the left.
Panda- resize by 22% and then 44% - paste as new layer, making sure it is the top layer - move to the left.
Bowl with chopsticks - resize by 16%, paste as new layer and move to the left, next to the panda.
Button 2 - resize by 44%, paste as new layer and move to the right, moving the layer down below the plant.
Bonsai Tree - resize by 44%, paste as new layer, move to the left and duplicate, moving to the right. Merge layer down, then drag this layer down below your reddish shape, but having the tree showing from behind.

Add any other elements you like ... but don't over do it - the tag is not meant to be busy :)

Add your Copyright Information - making sure it is clear - and then add your name in the Keetano Gaijin font.
Save as a PNG - and you are done.

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