Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Template # 247

Well feeling a little creative again today .... another template created - 2 in 2 days .... even manage to surprise myself sometimes.

Here is the preview of the Template
You can download the template here

And here is my finished tag .... this is an Exclusive tube that is from PFD by ZlataM
And I just cannot wait for the new Midnight Sun book to come out so that inspired the tag and the Word Art that you can snag below.
The kit is called Mini One by Karmalized Scraps
Free to use the Word Art .... save to your PC
Have a wonderful day .... and happy Tagging :)


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krispy1121 said...

Girl that looks awesome! It'd probably take me hours to use that template, but you did it well with ole Rob Pattinson. Two thumbs up!!

P.S. This is Krispy :) <3 ooxx