Saturday, November 26, 2022

:: BAS Christmas Festival ::

Now you didn't think that we were going to let Christmas just slide by did you?

We've been planning ... just slowly getting things done :)

So on December 2nd our Christmas Festival will open.
The Festival is only open until December 12th.

And we are opening up the Festival Area only to Visitors to the forum as well ...

There will only be 3 boards :
Candy Lane Games, Lottos and Fun
WWO Offers
WWO Pick Ups

All our Games, Lottos and Fun Posts are all on the one Board ...
Red Headings - Lottos etc
Green Headings - Win Tags etc
Black Headings - Just for fun

WWO Offers - post new or old offers ...
You can control how many or how few you make per offer

WWO Pick Ups - please pick up all tags in timely manner
Once the Festival Closes - the boards go away.

There will be more Games etc posted during the Festival
So please make sure to come back often and check out the boards.

❄ CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL ❄  2283766845

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